Speed doubles in sun.
Type Tier
Grass / Psychic LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 261 324 -
104 116 179 196
176 196 259 284
140 156 219 240
113 126 189 207
104 116 179 196
  • Little Cup


Due to its decent bulk, usable offense, and wide movepool, Exeggcute can play a variety of roles in Little Cup. It can make great use of its ability, Chlorophyll, to attempt a sweep, or it can play different supportive roles - it can easily set up dual screens, Trick Room, or act as a Sunny Day supporter. Exeggcute is no slouch on the offensive side, either. With access to moves such as SolarBeam, Psychic, Explosion, and a Hidden Power of choice, Exeggcute can make opponents rip their hair out when trying to counter this batch of eggs. However, that's not to say Exeggcute doesn't have any downfalls. With weaknesses to Fire-, Ice-, Bug-, Poison-, Flying-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks, most Pokemon will easily possess a super effective attack. Even so, Exeggcute's resistences to Psychic-, Grass-, Fighting-, Ground-, and Water-type attacks can somewhat mediate its weaknesses and efficiently allow it to accomplish any task given to it.

Name Item Nature

Sunny Day Special Attacker

Life Orb Naive
Moveset EVs
~ SolarBeam
~ Psychic
~ Sleep Powder / Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Ice
~ Explosion
116 HP / 196 SpA / 196 Spe

With 28 Speed under Sunny Day courtesy of Chlorophyll, passable Special Attack, and access to Explosion, Exeggcute is one of the most dangerous Sunny Day sweepers in Little Cup. SolarBeam is a powerful STAB attack, though it is the second strongest behind the counterintuitive Leaf Storm. Psychic is also very strong, and is capable of hitting many Pokemon that don't resist it for big damage. In the third slot, Sleep Powder is the primary option, allowing Exeggcute to essentially remove pesky Sucker Punch users from play - namely, Croagunk, Houndour, and Stunky; all three resist SolarBeam, with the latter two sporting an immunity to Psychic to boot. However, Hidden Power Ground would smack all three of these Pokemon for super effective damage on the switch in (though Croagunk is OHKOed by Psychic anyways), while Hidden Power Ice allows Exeggcute to get a super effective attack on non-Poison Grass-types (since Poison is weak to Psychic-type attacks). Even if Exeggcute lacks Sleep Powder, not even Munchlax is a great check to this set, as Exeggcute can easily remove Munchlax from the battle via Explosion. Explosion will also allow Exeggcute to literally go out with a bang when Sunny Day nears its end.

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Name Item Nature

Dual Screens

Light Clay Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Reflect
~ Light Screen
~ Sleep Powder
~ Explosion / Psychic
196 HP / 36 Atk / 36 Def / 236 SpD

With decent defenses, Exeggcute can run a good dual screen support set. Reflect and Light Screen are obvious choices for the first two slots. Light Clay will extend the duration of both of these moves by three turns. Sleep Powder is a great support move that can put a Pokémon that would normally counter Exeggcute, like Stunky, to sleep. If Exeggcute uses Explosion, it will allow a teammate to get 6 turns of one screen, and 5 of the other. However, Psychic is a decent option on this set if Substitute Gastly is troublesome. The EVs and nature emphasize Exeggcute's Special Defense, since its Defense is naturally higher. An extra point is given to Attack for Explosion, but it should be transferred to Special Attack if Psychic is being used instead.

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Name Item Nature

Trick Room Support

Oran Berry Relaxed
Moveset IVs
~ Trick Room
~ Sleep Powder
~ Psychic / Leaf Storm
~ Explosion
0 Spe
196 HP / 36 Atk / 196 Def / 76 SpD

Due to Exeggcute's relatively low Speed, it can run a decent Trick Room support set. Trick Room allows it to go first in most cases, since it will have a minimal amount of Speed and can "outspeed" numerous threats in Trick Room. Sleep Powder is a great support move that allows slow setup sweepers to pull off a boosting move before the opponent wakes up. Psychic gets good neutral coverage and prevents Exeggcute from being helpless against Substitute Gastly and Drifloon. However, Leaf Storm is Exeggcute's strongest STAB attack and, even without any investment, can still do a good amount of damage, even with neutral damage. Explosion is a good pivot move, as it can remove an opposing threat most of the time, and can give a Trick Room sweeper a clean switch in. The EVs maximize Exeggcute's Defense, with the remainder going into Attack and Special Defense. A 0 IV in Speed is important so Exeggcute can outspeed more Pokemon under Trick Room.

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Name Item Nature

Sunny Day Support

Heat Rock / Oran Berry Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Sunny Day
~ SolarBeam
~ Psychic / Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Ice
~ Sleep Powder / Explosion
196 HP / 116 Def / 196 SpD

With a bulky spread, Exeggcute can become a reliable user of Sunny Day. SolarBeam is its strongest STAB next to Leaf Storm and, unlike Leaf Storm, will not lower Exeggcute's Special Attack by two stages. Psychic is a good secondary STAB move, but Hidden Power Ground hits Fire-types, namely Houndour, while Hidden Power Ice hits Gligar and bulky Grass-types for super effective damage, though Psychic will still do a good amount of damage to all of the above. Sleep Powder can put a threat or check to sleep. However, Explosion can clear the way for a sweeper and give it a free switch in. Since this set is for support and not sweeping, a bulky EV spread with a Calm nature is used. Even with the lowering of Attack, Explosion will still OHKO Munchlax. Despite the lack of any Speed investment, Chlorophyll will allow Exeggcute to get the jump on many slower threats and put them to sleep via Sleep Powder or KO them with one of its attacks.

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Other Options

Exeggcute can utilize a Wish + Protect set, but this isn't as viable a strategy in Little Cup as it is in standard play. Leaf Storm, though having a terrible secondary effect, can be used over SolarBeam for a much stronger STAB attack, but Exeggcute would lose a lot of power with its other attacks. A Swords Dance set in Sunny Day can work, but the lack of a Psychic-type STAB makes Bellsprout generally a better choice for such a role. Worry Seed effectively neutralizes a pesky ability, like Wynaut's Shadow Tag, but is counterintuitive if used with Sleep Powder. Synthesis could be used, but the coverage moves and other support moves would be more beneficial in most cases.

Checks and Counters

Snover is, in most cases, the best counter to Exeggcute. Upon switching in, it can eliminate Sunny Day thanks to Snow Warning, causing Exeggcute to charge up its SolarBeam; Snover can then outspeed and OHKO Exeggcute with Blizzard. Most Fire-types can greatly threaten it; Houndour is one of the better checks as it is immune to Psychic. Though Stunky isn't a Fire-type, it is part-Dark, and can easily OHKO Exeggcute with Sucker Punch or Crunch. If Exeggcute lacks Psychic, Gastly can set up a Substitute on it and then fire off super effective Sludge Bombs. Bronzor can beat Exeggcute if carrying Hidden Power Ice since it resists both of Exeggcute's STABs, but must always be wary of Sleep Powder.