Inner Focus
Prevents flinching.
Type Tier
Poison / Flying NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 291 354 -
176 196 259 284
158 176 239 262
149 166 229 251
167 186 249 273
194 216 279 306
  • Underused


Crobat's little brother, Golbat, may seem like a strange choice due to its NFE status. However, Golbat is able to play the same role as Crobat within the lower tiers. Inner Focus allows Golbat to counter Ambipom leads, making it quite effective in the metagame. Furthermore, access to Taunt allows Golbat to shut down set-up leads such as Qwilfish, who try to lay entry hazards. Golbat's typing allows it to switch into the likes of Venusaur, Hitmontop, and Torterra with ease, resisting or being immune to many of their attacks. Nevertheless, as Golbat is part Flying-type, it has a weakness to Stealth Rock. Another downside to Golbat's typing is its weakness to the common Ice-, Electric-, Rock-, and Psychic-type moves of the UU metagame, giving it a hard time switching in. What sets Golbat apart from other Flying-types such as Swellow and Moltres, however, is that it has access to Taunt and Hypnosis. If you can cover Golbat's many weaknesses, it can become a great asset to your team.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers / Life Orb Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Taunt
~ Brave Bird
~ Roost
~ U-turn
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

Golbat makes an ideal scout as it has the ability to shut down walls with Taunt, while U-turn allows it to escape the battle safely, effectively revealing the opponent's team. Golbat is able to switch in quite easily, due to its decent defenses, Ground immunity, and three 4x resistances. Although Stealth Rock may be a problem, Golbat can remedy this by carrying Roost, which allows it to restore 50% of its health, while simultaneously losing its weakness to Ice-, Rock-, and Electric-type moves. Brave Bird is Golbat's primary attacking option due to its high power and STAB. However, you must note that it is illegal to use in conjunction with Hypnosis, so if you wish to use Hypnosis, Aerial Ace must unfortunately be used instead.

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Name Item Nature

Nasty Plot

Life Orb Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Nasty Plot
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Heat Wave
~ Hidden Power Grass / Air Slash / Roost
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Although Golbat has a horrible Special Attack, after a Nasty Plot, it becomes an effective special sweeper. Sludge Bomb provides a decent STAB move, while Heat Wave provides great type coverage against Steel-types. Hidden Power Grass scores an OHKO against Rhyperior and deals with Omastar and other Rock- and Ground-types who expect a Brave Bird. Air Slash is a secondary STAB move that deals more damage to Fighting- and Grass-types than Golbat's other attacks. Roost is an option to recover from Life Orb and Stealth Rock recoil, though Golbat is usually KOed before it has chance to use it.

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Other Options

Golbat may use Choice items to some success, though its physical movepool is nothing spectacular, limiting it to Brave Bird, U-turn, Steel Wing, Zen Headbutt, and Pursuit. Haze is another option to reset stat boosts, but Golbat lacks the opportunity to use support moves most of the time due to its lackluster defenses. Substitute may be used with Roost to stall opponents, along with Toxic Spikes or Toxic to wear down walls such as Chansey, Slowbro, and Milotic. Super Fang is useful in stripping walls of half their health, which is useful against the likes of Registeel and Steelix. Finally, Screech can be used to lower the opponent's Defense, making Golbat's attacks more powerful, while forcing switches at the same time.

Checks and Counters

The main way to beat Golbat is to figure out what set it's running. All of its physical sets can be defeated by Steel-types, such as Registeel and Steelix, as they can wall Golbat forever due to their massive Defense and resistance to Brave Bird. Registeel can wear it down with Iron Head, while Steelix can defeat Golbat with Stone Edge, followed up by Earthquake when it uses Roost. Rhyperior and Aggron are also great counters to Golbat as the bat is unable to deal a lot of damage to them with its physical sets, while they can easily set up Substitute or Rock Polish and proceed to sweep Golbat's team.

Rotom and Lanturn are both decent counters to Golbat as they resist Brave Bird, carry STAB Electric-type moves to hit Golbat super effectively, and have many great support moves. Rotom may set up Substitute , Reflect and/or Light Screen, or be a sweeper, while Lanturn can support its team with Thunder Wave and Toxic.

Basically any Pokemon who can outspeed Golbat, survive a Brave Bird, and hit it super effectively can be called a counter.