Decreases wild encounter rate (no effect in battle).
Sticky Hold
This Pokémon's item cannot be removed. Increases chance of encountering Pokémon while fishing.
Type Tier
Poison LC
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 155 187 -
90 100 132 145
63 70 102 112
54 60 92 101
63 70 102 112
40 45 77 84
  • Little Cup


Grimer's poor typing, coupled with its imbalanced stat distribution, makes it seem a bit underwhelming at first glance, and this might drive some people away from using it. However, Grimer's fair amount of bulk and great Attack stat actually allow it to be an effective offensive Pokemon. Its extensive movepool allows it to help break down walls or even sweep late-game with its great type coverage. No matter what Grimer's job is, it will be a great asset to any team.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Attacker

Life Orb Sticky Hold Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Gunk Shot / Poison Jab
~ Shadow Sneak
~ Fire Punch / Ice Punch
~ Explosion
196 HP / 196 Atk / 36 Def / 36 SpD

This set utilizes Grimer's great Attack stat to deal huge amounts of damage to the opposing Pokemon. Gunk Shot is Grimer's main STAB move, and despite having poor coverage and accuracy, provides raw power. Poison Jab is a good alternative if you want a more reliable STAB option; however, the drop in power is very noticeable. Shadow Sneak provides Grimer with priority, and allows it to pick off weakened Pokemon. Fire Punch aids Grimer in dealing with Steel-type Pokemon that wall the rest of the set, while Ice Punch lets Grimer nail Gligar on the switch. If Grimer has Poison Jab instead of Gunk Shot in the first slot, Ice Punch also provides a strong, reliable answer to Dratini, but otherwise it is unnecessary for that purpose, as a neutral Gunk Shot packs more power than a super effective Ice Punch. Finally, Explosion allows Grimer to go out with a bang, dealing huge amounts of damage even to Pokemon that resist it.

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Other Options

Grimer has the ability to run a special set consisting of Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, and Hidden Power Ice, but Grimer's sub-par Special Attack stat greatly lowers its viability. Substitute can be used in the third slot to scout for Pokemon that counter Grimer, but it loses out on coverage as a consequence. Grimer has a couple of other moves that it can successfully utilize. Payback can be used to hit Ghost-types harder, while Rock Slide can be used to deal more damage to Flying-, Bug-, and Fire-types.

Checks and Counters

Steel-types such as Bronzor counter Grimer very well. Unless Grimer carries Fire Punch, it cannot hurt Bronzor much, and Bronzor can proceed to set up Stealth Rock before hitting Grimer hard with Psychic. Gligar can also switch into any move bar Ice Punch and proceed to Earthquake, or U-turn to scout the switch-in. Diglett cannot switch into any move, because a combination of Grimer's STAB move and Shadow Sneak has a chance of knocking it out.

Choice Scarf Magnemite is a great teammate, beating all Steel-types that would otherwise wall this set. A Pokemon that can counter Gligar is helpful. Bronzor does this well, being immune to Earthquake and able to shrug off all of Gligar's moves reasonably well. Bronzor can then retaliate with Hidden Power Ice. Bronzor also beats most Ground-types that hit Grimer hard.