Natural Cure
Cures status on switching out.
Serene Grace
This Pokémon's secondary effect chances are doubled.
Type Tier
Normal LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 26 29 -
6 7 10 11
6 7 10 11
7 8 11 12
11 13 16 17
8 9 12 13
  • Little Cup


If you think of the tier lists as a high school, you can easily discern what the cliques are. The NU and UU tiers are composed of the losers while the OU tier is filled with the funny, clean, cool, and not to mention attractive Pokemon that all the others want to be. Blissey is a part of the popular clique and is one of the most popular girls at school. Even though some people just plain hate the sight of her, she's been done and used over and over again by men and women alike, and shows no signs of stopping; nobody can resist tapping into her juicy goodness. However, Blissey wasn't always that awesome diva with the rockin' bod. You see, in her younger years, Blissey - or Happiny as she was known back then - was a bit dim. She was always put in the lowest reading group and also very overweight for her age. The most popular boy in school, Munchlax, always got straight As, was great at sports, and had tons of friends. Everyone would always choose Munchlax over Happiny, and there was no surprise why. Munchlax was everything Happiny could ever be, but better. And all that time, Happiny would just sulk, wishing - just wishing - that she had a Special Attack stat over 8; that her Defense and Attack stats were over 7; that her max EV-invested Special Defense wasn't merely marginally better than Munchlax's minimum invested Special Defense; that she didn't suck. So until she grew up, Happiny would just crawl into her dark corner in silence, where she belonged.

Name Item Ability Nature

Survival of the Fattest

Leftovers / Oran Berry Serene Grace Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Thunder Wave
~ Headbutt
~ Zen Headbutt / Fire Punch
~ Ice Beam
196 HP / 236 Atk / 76 Def

Using her Serene Grace, Happiny would dance around the playground, causing all of the other children to laugh at her, which distracted them long enough to cause them to forget to attack her, which allowed Happiny to Headbutt them in a blind rage built from years and years of verbal abuse. Happiny also had the tendency to expel mysterious gases, produced by feasting on pot stickers and entire ice cream cakes for lunch every day no doubt, which reduced the chance of her bullies attacking her to 60%. Because of their brute power, these waves of odor were named Thunder Wave in homage to Thor, the Nordic god of thunder. Although they could not fully bear the force of her mighty Thunder Wave, Ghost-types were still unaffected by Happiny's attempts to Headbutt them all the same. Upon her realization of this fact, Happiny ventured to the mountains to train herself in mind and body. After two vigorous years, Happiny finally returned with the ability to fortify her Headbutts with Psychic energy and attack her ghastly predators with Zen Headbutt. However, these Zen Headbutts were still hideously weak against all except for Gastly, who, due to his Poison typing, was hit very hard by it for some strange, illogical reason. However, no pain in the entire world could match to the pain caused by one of Happiny's most hated of all, Bronzor. But, although she hated Bronzor oh so much, she could not bear to hurt him. You see, Happiny loved Bronzor, once upon a time. She used to watch him from the bushes as he Recycled trash; as he showered himself with his static Rain Dance; as he polished his lustrous coat. She used to smell him; fondle him while he slept; and stand in front of him intentionally so as to feel his soft breath brush against the nape of her nonexistent neck. One day, Happiny mustered enough courage to ask Bronzor to the Poke Ball that was held every winter, and to her unending joy, he said yes. However, to her shock, on the day of the dance, Happiny was left alone; Bronzor had eloped with Buneary to Cancun. They were to marry in June. In an undeterred rage, Happiny chased after him and assassinated him with a punch infused with the flames of her passion – a Fire Punch. Happiny had to forgo her Zen Headbutts in order to manage this feat; zen and passion are as non-polar as oil to water. Gligar enjoyed the smell of Happiny's Thunder Waves because he was kind of “not-right-in-the-head” so he followed Happiny to the ends of the earth so closely that he stepped on the backs of Happiny’s shoes. Happiny despised this to no end; she loved her shoes – they were the kind that made little blinking lights when she walked. Because of this, Happiny learned the ancient art of freezing her breath in cold fury and destroyed Gligar with powerful Ice Beams.

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Other Options

Happiny had the uncanny ability to manipulate gravity by using her weight, which could have been helpful to increase entry hazard damage on forced switches for above-ground foes. Happiny could also use her Presents to trick her bullies with gifts that would blow up in their faces, albeit sometimes healing them. During her stay in the mountains, Happiny trained herself in the sacred arts of Judo, letting her create Light Screens using her Chi that shielded her Special Defense and lured physical assaults that she could skillfully Counter, dealing great damage to her enemies. However, due to the kamikaze nature of this tactic, she could only use it once before she became crippled, which only added another thing for the other Pokekids to poke fun of. Sometimes, when Happiny felt like garnering attention from the other kids, she used Copycat to mimic everything they did. The annoyed reaction / human contact that resulted validated Happiny's existence and made her feel alive. However, whenever things got rough, Happiny would throw mud at her opponents eyes to blind them and run away. This tactic is sometimes called a “Mud Slap” in some dialects. After everything in her arsenal was used up, Happiny sometimes became so frustrated in her lack of options that she lashed out with a weak Last Resort as her spectators laughed and jeered at her insecurity. After all, Happiny didn't have many options to use.

Checks & Counters

As long as they could prevent her noxious gases from paralyzing them, everything had the potential to utterly destroy Happiny. She was a pathetic excuse of a Pokemon. She knew it back then, and she knows it to this day (How do Blissey and Happiny live in the same time period, you ask? Well, that information is classified. Sorry.)