Keen Eye
Pokémon's accuracy cannot be lowered.
Iron Fist
Increases the power of punching moves by 20%.
Type Tier
Fighting NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 241 304 -
221 246 309 339
174 194 257 282
95 106 169 185
230 256 319 350
169 188 251 276
  • Underused


With Iron Fist as his ability, along with a base 105 Attack, Hitmonchan makes a powerful physical sweeper. Factoring in STAB and Iron Fist, Hitmonchan's Focus Punch has an outstanding Base Power of 270, while Mach Punch reaches 72 Base Power, allowing Hitmonchan to become a useful revenge killer. Access to all three elemental punches, which Hitmonlee and Hitmontop lack, is also a bonus for providing near-perfect type coverage. The downside to using Hitmonchan is the fact that he is almost helpless against defensive Ghost-types, though all in all he makes a fine sweeper.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Iron Fist Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Close Combat
~ Mach Punch / Stone Edge
~ Ice Punch
~ ThunderPunch
12 HP / 252 Atk / 244 Spe

This set functions primarily as a revenge killer. Using the ThunderPunch and Ice Punch combination alongside Close Combat will provide perfect type coverage; with the aforementioned moves, Hitmonchan can hit every Pokemon in UU for neutral damage besides the rare Shedinja, who is KOed with Stone Edge. Close Combat is Hitmonchan's most reliable STAB move, being able to 2HKO standard Registeel, Regirock, and Steelix. The second slot is a choice between Mach Punch or Stone Edge. Mach Punch allows Hitmonchan to outrun other priority users, like Azumarill and Absol, while Stone Edge gives Hitmonchan the chance to OHKO even the most defensive Moltres as well as Shedinja. Ice Punch hits Venusaur and Altaria harder than Close Combat and Stone Edge, whereas ThunderPunch will damage Water-types such as Slowbro and Milotic.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Iron Fist Adamant / Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Close Combat / Focus Punch
~ Ice Punch
~ Mach Punch
~ ThunderPunch / Stone Edge
8 HP / 252 Atk / 248 Spe

With a Choice Band equipped, Hitmonchan achieves an Attack stat of 508. Pair this with high powered STAB moves, including priority, and Hitmonchan will be damaging a lot of the UU metagame. After all of the boosts are taken into account, Focus Punch has an astonishing 270 Base Power. However, Close Combat is the more reliable option as Hitmonchan doesn't flinch if he takes a hit. Ice Punch allows Hitmonchan to hit Grass-types such as Venusaur and Mach Punch lets Hitmonchan overcome his average Speed stat. The final slot is a choice between Stone Edge and ThunderPunch. Stone Edge OHKOes Moltres on the switch, whereas ThunderPunch gives great type coverage when paired with Ice Punch.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Iron Fist Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Agility
~ Close Combat
~ Ice Punch
~ Stone Edge / Substitute
168 HP / 252 Atk / 88 Spe

The aim of this set is to raise Hitmonchan's average Speed to great levels. 88 Speed EVs and an Adamant nature give a stat of 210. This allows Hitmonchan to outrun all neutral-natured Omastar and Gorebyss outside rain conditions, and is fast enough to outspeed Choice Scarf Moltres and positive-natured Electrode after an Agility boost. Close Combat and Ice Punch give great type coverage, while the final slot gives Hitmonchan a choice between OHKOing Moltres with Stone Edge or protecting himself from status with Substitute. Alternatively, you may wish to use ThunderPunch as it deals more damage to bulky Water-types.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Bulk Up

Leftovers Iron Fist Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Bulk Up
~ Drain Punch
~ Ice Punch
~ Substitute / Mach Punch / ThunderPunch
160 HP / 252 Atk / 96 Spe

Hitmonchan has a good Attack stat, decent special bulk, and a very useful ability that boosts his high-PP, low-Base Power STAB moves, making him a natural user of Bulk Up. Drain Punch is Hitmonchan's only form of recovery outside of Rest, and its Base Power is boosted considerably thanks to Iron Fist, making it the main STAB move for the set. Ice Punch provides excellent coverage alongside Drain Punch, and is also boosted by Iron Fist. In the final slot, Substitute is very useful, as it blocks status and Trick, both of which could horribly cripple Hitmonchan. After a few Bulk Up boosts, some physical attackers will start to fail to break Hitmonchan's Substitute, thus effectively increasing his longevity. However, Mach Punch is a useful priority move that has the bonus of being boosted by Iron Fist. Finally, ThunderPunch hits bulky Water-types harder than Drain Punch, 2HKOing the standard defensive Milotic after just one Bulk Up boost, and is also powered up by Iron Fist.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Fist Plate / Leftovers Iron Fist Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Focus Punch
~ Ice Punch
~ Mach Punch / ThunderPunch / Stone Edge
96 HP / 252 Atk / 160 Spe

With 105 base Attack and Iron Fist, Hitmonchan can use the SubPunch combination to great success. Along with Ice Punch, he hits everything in UU for at least neutral damage barring Shedinja. Although Hitmonchan has decent defenses, Substitute is great due to Hitmonchan's ability to cause switches. The item choice depends on whether you wish to boost the power of Focus Punch or recover health after making Substitutes. Focus Punch is Hitmonchan's most powerful STAB move, having a Base Power of 270 including STAB and Iron Fist (324 with Fist Plate). Ice Punch allows Hitmonchan to hit Ghost-types, while also striking Venusaur harder than Focus Punch. Finally, there is the choice of Mach Punch, ThunderPunch, or Stone Edge. STAB priority is helpful for faster opponents, ThunderPunch gives perfect type coverage alongside Focus Punch and Ice Punch, and Stone Edge hits Moltres for 4x super effective damage.

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Other Options

Besides the moves already listed, Hitmonchan has a few more options available to him. Rapid Spin is available, though Hitmontop usually does a better job. Drain Punch is an option if you wish to restore some of Hitmonchan's health, though it is unreliable and other moves deal more damage. Fake Out can be used alongside Mach Punch to weaken opponents and break Focus Sashes. Counter may be used, though Hitmonchan has a low base HP stat and it won't deal a lot of damage. Hitmonchan may use Bullet Punch as a priority move, and it also gains a boost from Iron Fist, but Mach Punch is more powerful and provides better type coverage along with STAB. Earthquake is also usable, though Hitmonchan's Fighting-type moves hit the the same opponents super effectively anyway. Hi Jump Kick is another STAB move, though its low accuracy and chance of recoil is risky at best due to Hitmonchan's low HP stat.

Checks and Counters

Defensive Ghost-types such as Spiritomb are able to switch in on any Fighting-type move and threaten Hitmonchan with Will-O-Wisp or Hypnosis. If Hitmonchan decides to stay in, Spiritomb is free to set up or weaken him with Ghost moves. Uxie makes an excellent counter to Hitmonchan, as Hitmonchan is unable to deal large amounts of damage or hit the pixie super effectively. Not only does Uxie have Thunder Wave to cripple Hitmonchan, but he also has higher Speed, allowing him to outrun any Hitmonchan running less than 156 Speed EVs.

Choice sets are easier to counter as they are locked onto one move. Once you figure out what move is used, you are able to switch to the necessary Pokemon who resists it. This is especially true for Ghost-types such as Mismagius, who can come in on a Choice-locked Close Combat, and proceed to set up. Fast Pokemon should take advantage of Hitmonchan's average Speed and frail defenses and hit him with a super effective move before he has the chance to hit them with Close Combat or an elemental punch. Pokemon such as Alakazam and Swellow are able to outspeed non-Choice Scarf sets and OHKO Hitmonchan with the necessary move.