Swift Swim
Speed doubles in rain.
Storm Drain
All Water-type attacks hit this Pokémon.
Type Tier
Water NU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 23 26 -
11 13 16 17
12 14 17 18
11 13 16 17
13 15 18 19
13 15 18 19
  • Underused


To put it simply, Lumineon is extremely outclassed. Poor stats bar Speed (Lumineon is the third fastest Swift Swimmer, only being slower than Floatzel and Luvdisc) and a rather average movepool for a generic Swift Swim abuser ultimately force Lumineon into disuse. However, don't be so quick to discount this charming little fish. Lumineon's greatest offensive advantage over other Rain Dance abusers is her access to U-turn, which allows her to scout for troublesome walls instead of merely wasting a turn fruitlessly attacking them. However, ideally, Rain Dance teams should be muscling their way through virtually every wall in UU in the first place, making Lumineon's greatest offensive advantage over other Swift Swimmers moot. Because of this, Lumineon is more suited to be a Rain Dance supporter. Her ability to use Rain Dance, U-turn, and Safeguard all at once, while also being a decent abuser of Rain Dance, gives her a rather distinct niche. While Safeguard allows Lumineon to keep sweepers such as Kabutops free of status, even as a Rain Dance supporter, Lumineon struggles to grasp hold of a team spot since there are many other, better Rain Dance users who can also rid the team of status, such as Lanturn. Nonetheless, Lumineon is a cute fish whose minuscule niche might just mesh perfectly with your team.

Name Item Ability Nature

Rain Dance Support

Damp Rock Swift Swim Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Rain Dance
~ Safeguard
~ U-turn
~ Surf
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe

While Lumineon is outclassed by basically every other Swift Swim abuser in rain (hey, at least she's better than Luvdisc!), and almost every other Water-type outside of rain, Lumineon's access to Rain Dance, Safeguard, and U-turn gives her a unique niche in the lead position as a Rain Dance supporter. With Lumineon's great Speed and decent bulk, she has few issues getting both Safeguard and Rain Dance up against most leads before U-turning to an appropriate Rain Dance abuser. Leads such as Uxie who attempt to spread paralysis can find their attempts futile due to Safeguard, and will even prove to be setup bait for some Rain Dance abusers. Additionally, fast Taunt leads such as Ambipom and Alakazam fail to do much to her as she can simply U-turn to a strong Pokemon to threaten them, and she can still set up Rain Dance later in the match. To top it all off, once Rain Dance has been used, Lumineon is actually surprisingly dangerous, as rain-boosted Surfs can still deal a large amount of damage to frail sweepers despite Lumineon's pitiful offensive prowess.

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Other Options

Lumineon's movepool does have a few gimmicky options which can be used to justify her use, but they are typically extremely situational and another Pokemon probably does the job better. Lumineon has a large enough movepool to form both a generic physical and special Swift Swim abuser set, with Waterfall, Return, Bounce, U-turn, and Payback for the former, and Surf, Ice Beam, Hidden Power, Silver Wind, Psybeam, Air Cutter, and Ominous Wind for the latter. However, Lumineon lacks the stats to use either of these sets, and many of the attacks listed are situational at best. Lumineon has Tailwind as an alternative support option, but its effect doesn't last long enough for it to be effective. Agility is another way for Lumineon to boost her Speed, but Lumineon once again lacks the stats to use it effectively. Lumineon can use Toxic to cripple a bulky wall, but Lumineon doesn't really lure out walls that much since she's so weak that the opponent doesn't even need something that bulky to weather Lumineon's attacks. Lumineon can also use Tickle with U-turn to force switches and swing momentum in your team's favor, but since it's Lumineon, it's unlikely that the opponent will actually switch.

Checks and Counters

Dealing with Lumineon herself isn't really the main issue, as that's not a particularly arduous task at all. Fast Taunt leads can prevent her from setting up Rain Dance or Safeguard early on, and from there, Lumineon may have some trouble finding another opening to switch in again, as her bulk is only decent. The main problem you must prepare for when facing Lumineon is the threat of Rain Dance, which can easily rip through unprepared teams. Grass- and Water-types such as Venusaur, Leafeon, Milotic, and Slowbro are great against Rain Dance teams, resisting their Water-type moves and being able to hit back with a Grass- or Electric-type attack (Hidden Power Grass or Electric for the latter two). Registeel is also a decent option, with enough bulk to weather a hit and Explode to take out one lethal sweeper. It should be noted, however, that since Lumineon can easily prevent status with Safeguard, it's not ideal to attempt to use paralysis as your main counter to Rain Dance teams. Generally, the main idea against them is to use clever switching to prevent some of your more crucial walls from fainting, before striking back when the eight turns of Rain Dance end. Preventing Rain Dance from being set up in the first place is also ideal, since without Rain Dance, most Swift Swimmers are fairly easy to pick off and are not as threatening.