Lowers the foe's Attack one stage. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Hyper Cutter
Prevents the enemy from lowering this Pokémon's Attack.
Type Tier
Steel NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 241 304 -
185 206 269 295
185 206 269 295
131 146 209 229
131 146 209 229
122 136 199 218
  • Underused


Despite possessing great defensive typing, an excellent ability in Intimidate, and an undeniable cool factor, Mawile is almost never seen on UU teams. A quick look at its stats will tell you why; its Attack and Defense are average at best, and the rest are terrible. Justifying a spot on your team for Mawile is difficult when other Steel-types with much better stats are available. Luckily, Mawile does have a few tricks up its sleeve that prevent it from being entirely outclassed by Registeel and Aggron, but only in very specific roles. If you're not catering to Mawile's few advantages, you're better off using another Pokemon.

Name Item Nature

Baton Pass

Leftovers Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Swords Dance
~ Baton Pass
~ Taunt
~ Substitute / Iron Head
252 HP / 28 Def / 228 Spe

Baton Passing is one role Mawile can fill that no other UU Steel-type can. With its passable physical bulk and good defensive typing, Mawile should be able to find an opportunity to grab a Swords Dance boost and pass it on to a capable sweeper. Taunt prevents Mawile from being shut down by the opposing Pokemon's Taunt, Haze, or phazing moves, although if the opponent is faster, Mawile will have to Taunt it on the switch. In the last slot, Substitute is useful to provide a buffer from status, critical hits, and powerful attacks that would otherwise KO Mawile, and can also be Baton Passed to Mawile's teammates. However, a Pokemon with no damaging attacks can sometimes turn into dead weight, so Iron Head is a reasonable option instead as a reliable STAB attack.

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Other Options

An offensive set that boosts Mawile's average Attack with Swords Dance or a Choice Band is the most obvious omission, but Mawile simply doesn't have the bulk, power, or Speed necessary to pull it off. A Swords Dance set will get one or two hits in at most before being KOed, while a Choice Band set just isn't powerful enough. However, if you are set on using Mawile offensively, its best attacking options are Iron Head, Focus Punch, Brick Break, Sucker Punch, Crunch, Payback, Rock Slide, and the elemental punches. Mawile can also act as a stallbreaker with a moveset of Taunt, Super Fang, Sucker Punch, and Rest. This set can consistently beat stalling Pokemon who rely on Seismic Toss and Toxic to do damage, such as Chansey and Registeel, but against most other Pokemon it will fail miserably, so it's usually not worth it.

Body Slam can go over Iron Head if you like the 30% paralysis rate, as Mawile won't be doing much damage anyway. Pain Split provides instant recovery, but it is unreliable and Mawile won't be surviving long regardless. Sing can take out a counter and give Mawile a extra turn to set up, but its accuracy is horrible and Mawile cannot afford to miss. Stockpile increases both defenses and gives Mawile another type of boost to pass, but offensive boosts are generally more useful and Mawile will rarely have time to set up both types at once. Charge Beam is even worse, since the boost isn't guaranteed, and Mawile doesn't directly benefit from increased Special Attack in any way, but it's still theoretically an option.

Checks and Counters

Mawile has a rather long list of counters. Blaziken, Moltres, Arcanine, Houndoom, Hitmonlee, and Primeape all outspeed Mawile and easily OHKO it with STAB Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, or Close Combat. Drapion and Gligar are faster than Mawile and can use Taunt to prevent it from passing its boosts. They also have enough physical bulk to take a boosted Iron Head if Mawile chooses to attack rather than switch out. Alakazam and Jumpluff have a fast Encore that will force Mawile to either switch or become setup fodder. Mawile is slow and rather frail, especially on the special side, so any offensive Pokemon with a neutral or super effective STAB attack should be able to take it down without much trouble.