Prevents sleep.
Keen Eye
Pokémon's accuracy cannot be lowered.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 341 404 -
122 136 199 218
122 136 199 218
169 188 251 276
205 228 291 320
158 176 239 262
  • Underused


Noctowl has always been the black sheep... err bird, of the Normal / Flying family. Its stats are completely backwards, and while cool and unique, they don't help it accomplish much. Looking at them, you'd think Noctowl could work as an effective special wall, but with weaknesses to three extremely common attacking types in UU, including an awful wing-clipping weakness to Stealth Rock, a lack of any form of offense, and a low physical defense, Noctowl's goose is effectively cooked. There may still be hope left for Noctowl, as it is one of the single best Grass-type counters available thanks to its special bulk and immunity to sleep moves; however, this niche still is not enough to save it from obscurity. Owls may be wise, but in this case, the most battle-hardened of players are wise enough to steer clear from using Noctowl.

Name Item Ability Nature

Specially Defensive

Leftovers Insomnia Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Whirlwind
~ Roost
~ Night Shade
~ Toxic / Reflect / Psycho Shift
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Due to its excellent special bulk, Noctowl can become an effective special tank. The idea when using Noctowl is to switch it into a special attack and work from there. Whirlwind is for phazing, and works wonders with entry hazards. It can also help Noctowl scout out the opponent's physical attackers and stop a setup attempt. Roost grants Noctowl reliable recovery, and removes its nasty weaknesses to Ice-, Electric-, and Rock-type attacks. Unfortunately, Noctowl is normally too slow to take advantage of this, and when Roosting, Noctowl is exposed to Fighting- and Ground-type attacks. Because Noctowl's offensive stats are rather poor, Night Shade is used to obtain steady damage. The last slot is up to the player's discretion: Noctowl can use Toxic decently while phazing to rack up even more residual damage, Reflect cushions Noctowl's poor Defense and can help out the rest of the team, and Psycho Shift throws back status attacks so that Noctowl isn't crippled by them.

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Other Options

Hypnosis can be used in place of Toxic, but its accuracy is unappealing. FeatherDance can provide the same buffer against physical attacks as Reflect, except it doesn't provide support for the whole team. Light Clay can be used alongside Reflect to give Noctowl's sweeper teammates an easier time setting up. Flame Orb and Psycho Shift allow Noctowl to utilize a makeshift Will-O-Wisp, but it's not a great idea since the time it takes to set up is too much and Noctowl just doesn't have the Speed to make it happen.

On the offensive side, Air Slash, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Heat Wave are available alongside the use of Agility, but since Noctowl's attacking stats are so poor, Night Shade will prove to be more useful overall. Noctowl has the bulk to set up Rain Dance or Sunny Day; however, it again lacks the Speed and versatility to do so effectively. Noctowl can make use of Substitute to become a Toxic SubRooster, but with the lack of Pressure to stall out Stone Edge's PP or the Speed to use Substitute before an attack, Noctowl is better off doing something else.

Checks and Counters

You don't have to be Ozymandias to take down this Nite Owl. Although setting up on Noctowl is difficult due to Whirlwind, Taunt renders Noctowl almost completely helpless. Furthermore, any physical attack not named Shadow Claw or Earthquake breaks right through Noctowl's low Defense stat. Rhyperior and Aggron beat Noctowl easily with their STAB Rock-type attacks, and so will any offensive Pokemon with STAB Thunderbolt or Ice Beam. All in all, don't try to set up on Noctowl, aim for its weaker Defense stat, and it will usually be forced to wave the white flag.