Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
Quick Feet
Increases Speed by 50% when afflicted with a status condition.
Type Tier
Dark LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 20 23 -
10 12 15 16
9 10 13 14
8 9 12 13
8 9 12 13
9 10 13 14
  • Little Cup


At first glance, Poochyena may seem outclassed by Stunky, who has higher stats across the board; however, Poochyena has some tricks up its sleeve as well, such as access to Quick Feet and a fairly good movepool. Even though Poochyena has a decent Attack stat, its other mediocre stats lead many people to overlook it. However, Poochyena has a rare ability in Quick Feet and hits 14 Speed, allowing it to outspeed all Pokemon who do not carry a Choice Scarf once Quick Feet is activated. Overall, Poochyena can be a dangerous threat when given the proper scenario.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Attacker

Toxic Orb Quick Feet Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Sucker Punch
~ Facade
~ Ice Fang
~ Protect / Crunch / Howl
236 Atk / 36 SpD / 236 Spe

This set utilizes a combination of Toxic Orb and Quick Feet to fix Poochyena's average Speed stat by boosting it from 14 to 21, which allows Poochyena to outspeed all non-Choice Scarf Pokemon. With boosted Speed, Poochyena can then put some major dents in the opponent's team with the respective attacks. Poochyena has access to STAB Sucker Punch, one of the strongest priority moves in the game, which allows it to pick off weakened Pokemon. Once Toxic Orb activates, Facade's Base Power doubles to 140, making Poochyena an extremely tough Pokemon to counter. Ice Fang lets Poochyena hit Gligar, who would normally wall this set, for super effective damage. Protect allows Toxic Orb to be activated without Poochyena getting attacked, and is also useful for scouting. Crunch is a reliable STAB option in the last slot that can additionally lower the target's Defense 20% of the time. Howl is also an option, as it allows Poochyena to boost its Attack.

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Other Options

Fire Fang can be used if you want Poochyena to hit Steel-type Pokemon, but the most common Steel-type, Bronzor, is only 3HKOed. A mixed set consisting of Dark Pulse, Hidden Power Ice, Sucker Punch, and Thunder Fang could work due to its power and decent coverage. However, a special set is not mentioned because Poochyena's pitiful special movepool is limited to Dark Pulse and Hidden Power. Rock Smash allows Poochyena to beat Aron, who would otherwise freely set up on Poochyena, as well as soften up switch-ins with its 50% chance of lowering the opponent's Defense. Lastly, Snatch can be used against Pokemon who try to counter Poochyena with Substitute, stealing their Substitutes if they don't attack, as Poochyena threatens to hit them hard with Sucker Punch if they do choose to attack.

Checks and Counters

Bronzor counters Poochyena rather well, as it is only afraid of Fire Fang, which only 3HKOes Bronzor at best; as such, Bronzor can comfortably switch in, set up Stealth Rock, and strike back with Gyro Ball. Choice Scarf Mankey and Machop are great checks to Poochyena, since both are able to OHKO it with Close Combat and do not fear taking a resisted Sucker Punch; Mankey is especially effective, as it can deal lots of damage with U-turn while scouting for a potential switch-in at the same time. Though not a counter, Gastly is immune to Facade and can set up a Substitute while Poochyena uses Sucker Punch, allowing Gastly to take out Poochyena the next turn with Sludge Bomb. Though not a particularly effective strategy, Poochyena's opponents can play mind games with it by using non-damaging moves when Poochyena uses Sucker Punch, making it waste precious turns while Toxic damage slowly accumulates. Poochyena is very frail, so any priority move that it does not resist will deal huge amounts of damage even if it does not outright KO.