Swift Swim
Speed doubles in rain.
Water Veil
Prevents burn.
Type Tier
Water NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 301 364 -
198 220 283 311
149 166 229 251
149 166 229 251
176 196 259 284
154 172 235 258
  • Underused


Seaking is one of those Pokemon you should probably avoid using at all costs. Keep in mind that if you do decide to use Seaking that it's outclassed by virtually every other Water-type in UU. Its ability, Swift Swim, gives it the ability to outspeed the whole metagame in the rain, but it has little sweeping potential due to its pathetic movepool and stats. Of course, in Pokemon, there is an inverse correlation between the quality of a Pokemon and the amount of satisfaction you get from beating someone with it; let that be your reason for using Seaking.

Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Swift Swim Lonely
Moveset EVs
~ Waterfall / Aqua Tail
~ Megahorn
~ Return
~ Ice Beam
252 Atk / 16 SpA / 240 Spe

The choice between Waterfall and Aqua Tail depends on whether you prefer the extra power Aqua Tail provides or Waterfall's higher accuracy. Megahorn puts a dent in the likes of Hypno and Espeon and hits Grass-types, particularly Exeggutor, for super effective damage. Return has legitimate coverage with Water-type attacks, as between them they hit every type in the metagame, save for Shedinja, for neutral damage. The set is rounded out with Ice beam, enabling Seaking to 2HKO Tangrowth and Leafeon and destroying both Torterra and Altaria, two Pokemon Seaking would otherwise be helpless against. Swift Swim is the chosen ability because it doubles Seaking's Speed in the rain, not to mention that under rain its STAB attacks could do with the pseudo-STAB boost.

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Other Options

Seaking has a very shallow movepool, leaving it with only a few options to choose other than those listed. Bounce can be used to nail Fighting-types such as Hitmontop and Toxicroak, while the potential paralysis is also attractive. Bounce is a 2 turn attack, though, meaning the opponent can easily switch-in a counter or even set up on it; it also wastes two turns of rain for a single attack, which is not good. Poison Jab hurts Grass-types such as Leafeon and Tangrowth, however Ice Beam already 2HKOs them. Outside of rain, Seaking can double its Speed using Agility, though due to its fragility there is little it can safely set up on. Even after it has acquired the Speed to outpace the whole metagame bar faster Choice Scarf users, Seaking holds little in its arsenal for it to have a serious chance to sweep.

Checks and Counters

Bulky Water-types stand out as the best counters for Seaking as it lacks anything that can significantly hurt them. Milotic and Blastoise can take several Megahorns to the face, and in return either Toxic stall Seaking or obliterate it with Hidden Power Grass. Poliwrath is the one Pokemon Seaking is completely helpless against, as its typing gives it a resistance to Megahorn and Ice Beam, and Water Absorb will make Water-type moves useless. Venusaur is 3HKOed by Ice Beam, although it can easily outpace Seaking outside of rain and OHKO it with a STAB Grass-type attack. Both Uxie and Mespirit can take a Megahorn or two and cripple Seaking with Thunder Wave in a pinch. Shedinja is immune to all of Seaking's attacks and can set up on it or even cripple it with Will-O-Wisp. Remember that Seaking has poor defenses and Speed, so anything packing a powerful move that can OHKO it will pretty much do this goldfish in if it can find the opportunity to strike.