Keen Eye
Pokémon's accuracy cannot be lowered.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 20 23 -
10 12 15 16
8 9 12 13
8 9 12 13
8 9 12 13
10 12 15 16
  • Little Cup


From the general Little Cup battler’s viewpoint, Starly is seen as an inferior version of Taillow, as it has a useless ability along with a noticeably lower base Speed stat. But what allows Starly to be of any use in a Little Cup battle is access to two powerful STAB moves, Brave Bird and Double-Edge, that makes Starly a reasonable threat if given the proper support.

Name Item Nature


Choice Scarf Naive
Moveset EVs
~ Double-Edge
~ Brave Bird / Pluck
~ U-turn
~ Heat Wave / Pursuit
236 Atk / 36 SpA / 196 Spe

Due to Starly’s meager defenses and average base Speed, it is unable to effectively play the role of a set-up sweeper; it must resort to using a Choice item instead to maximize its offensive capabilities. With a decent Attack stat and its Speed being boosted by a Choice Scarf, along with a decent physical movepool including U-turn, Starly is able to play the role of a revenge-killer or a scouting member on a Little Cup team.

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Other Options

Starly’s movepool doesn’t contain many other options, though a set revolving around Agility can be used to remedy Starly’s Speed; however, due to its meager defenses, this is not recommended. Similarly, a Tailwind or Feather Dance set can be adopted, though the chances of these sets succeeding are very low indeed. Also, a set using a Liechi or Salac Berry can be used, due to the recoil from Starly’s STABs, but often Starly will be out of the skies before it can even start to sweep.

Checks and Counters

Like all other Flying-types, Stealth Rock is Starly's bane; Starly can usually only switch in twice when Stealth Rock is up, after factoring in recoil from its STABs. Bronzor, Geodude, and Aron among others are excellent counters, as they all resist Starly’s STABs and can switch in and start to set up immediately. Naturally, Pokemon that outpace Starly are also great counters, as even their weakest attacks will inflict good damage against Starly's weak defenses. They must be careful when switching into one of Starly's STABs though, as Starly is capable of taking a chunk out of even the bulkiest of switch-ins.