Boosts power of Water-type moves 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Type Tier
Water / Ground OU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 26 29 -
15 17 20 22
13 15 18 19
13 15 18 19
13 15 18 19
10 12 15 16
  • Overused


While Swampert's movepool upgrades from the previous generation are not numerous, they are very significant, and make Swampert into the top-tier Pokemon he is today. Swampert is one of the most solid defensive Pokemon in the OU tier, as he is capable of effectively setting up Stealth Rock, attacking, and defending. His good defensive typing leaves him with only one weakness—Grass-type moves—that can be easily played around through proper team support. While powerful special attacks may hurt Swampert somewhat, he can take most neutral hits with aplomb, and his resistance to Rock- and Fire-type attacks, as well as immunity to Electric-type attacks, grants him plenty of opportunities to switch in. Overall, Swampert is a great choice for any OU team, and is a defensive threat to prepare for.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers Relaxed
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Earthquake
~ Ice Beam
~ Roar / Protect / Surf
252 HP / 216 Def / 40 SpD

Thanks to his good typing, decent attacking stats, high Defense, and access to Stealth Rock, Swampert makes both a great lead and an exceptional mid-game defensive Pokemon. He is capable of taking on many popular threats, such as Tyranitar, with ease, and can serve as a great defensive pivot.

Swampert is an exceptional Stealth Rock user. With his high Defense and resistances to popular attacking types like Rock and Fire, he finds plenty of opportunities to set up Stealth Rock. Earthquake is used in the second moveslot as it is Swampert's best STAB move, hitting anyone who doesn't resist it for a decent chunk of damage. Ice Beam is used in the third moveslot to enable Swampert to OHKO Flygon, Gliscor, and Dragonite switch-ins after Stealth Rock damage. It also allows him to hit Grass-type switch-ins, such as Shaymin, for super effective damage, though Swampert must switch out on the next turn. There are several viable options that Swampert can use in the final moveslot. Roar is the primary option as it can be used to scout the opposing team, as well as rack up residual damage from Stealth Rock. Protect can be used as a scouting move, and can also aid Swampert in blocking Explosion from Metagross and Azelf leads; it also gives Swampert an extra turn to recover health with Leftovers. Surf can be used if you'd like a secondary STAB option for Swampert to use, though you lose out on some of Swampert's defensive utility if you choose not to use a support move in the fourth moveslot.

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Name Item Nature


Leftovers Careful
Moveset EVs
~ Curse
~ Earthquake / Waterfall
~ Avalanche / Sleep Talk
~ Rest
252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SpD

Thanks to access to Curse and a good physical movepool, Swampert can be a dangerous boosting tank when used correctly. With only one weakness, solid defensive stats, and a handful of resistances, Swampert can set up on many popular OU Pokemon, making him a solid choice for the role of a bulky sweeper.

Curse allows Swampert to boost both his Attack and Defense in one turn, turning him into an immediate threat. While Curse does lower Swampert's Speed, this is usually inconsequential, as he isn't exactly fast to begin with. Earthquake is the primary option in the second moveslot as it is a consistent form of STAB that deals heavy damage to anyone who is not resistant or immune to it. However, Waterfall can be used if you'd like to hit Pokemon who are immune to Earthquake, such as Skarmory and Rotom-A. Avalanche is the best choice in the third moveslot, enabling Swampert to dish out tremendous damage to threats such as Dragonite and Gliscor after a Curse. Sleep Talk can be used instead, however, as it allows Swampert to retain his usefulness while asleep after using Rest. Speaking of Rest, it is used in the fourth moveslot as a means of recovering HP, increasing his longevity and allowing him to keep his sweep going.

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Name Item Nature


Leftovers Impish
Moveset EVs
~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Earthquake
~ Roar / Stone Edge / Avalanche
252 HP / 40 Atk / 216 Def

While Swampert is a wonderful physical tank and defensive Pokemon, his lack of a reliable recovery move significantly hampers his tanking abilities. This set aims to remedy said problem by utilizing a combination of Rest and Sleep Talk, allowing Swampert to restore his health without becoming setup fodder or a sitting duck.

Earthquake is used in the first moveslot as it is Swampert's best STAB move, allowing him to hit most Steel-types as well as several common Pokemon for consistent damage. Roar is the main choice in the second moveslot for letting Swampert phaze the opposing team, racking up residual damage from entry hazards while scouting. It also prevents Swampert from becoming setup fodder for dangerous sweepers, such as Calm Mind Suicune. Stone Edge can also be used in the second moveslot for hitting Gyarados and providing Swampert with the infamous QuakeEdge attacking combination, but Avalanche can be used to hit Dragonite, Gliscor, and Flygon for heavy damage. Rest is used in the third moveslot to allow Swampert to recover his HP, while Sleep Talk is used in the fourth moveslot so that Swampert is still capable of being useful while asleep.

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Name Item Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Waterfall / Aqua Tail
~ Earthquake
~ Stone Edge
~ Ice Punch
172 HP / 252 Atk / 84 Spe

This is a rather unexpected set that allows Swampert to hit Pokemon whom he usually cannot hurt for significant damage. This set's main selling point is its surprise value; however, you must have good prediction skills in order to use it successfully. A single incorrect prediction could be catastrophic when using this Swampert, so tread carefully.

Waterfall and Earthquake are used on this set to form a solid STAB duo that allows Swampert to hit many common OU Pokemon for large amounts of damage. However, if you want more power and the ability to 2HKO specially defensive Skarmory, then you can use Aqua Tail instead of Waterfall. Aqua Tail's only drawback is its lower accuracy, which can potentially mean the difference between a win and a loss; stick to Waterfall if you're looking for consistency. Stone Edge is used in the third moveslot so that Swampert has a way to heavily damage the omnipresent Gyarados, who will otherwise take a pittance from Swampert's attacks. Ice Punch is used in the final slot, granting Swampert valuable OHKOs on Dragonite and Flygon. It can also hit Celebi and Shaymin on the switch-in, though Swampert must immediately switch out the next turn.

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Other Options

Swampert's movepool isn't particularly vast, so he doesn't have many other decent options to work with. Something interesting to note is that Swampert learns both Counter and Mirror Coat. While these could potentially be used to nab a surprise KO on unsuspecting attackers, they will be a waste of a moveslot if you fail to predict correctly, and lose their effectiveness after Swampert uses them once; as such, you're often better off sticking to his more dependable moves. Swampert can utilize a combination of Substitute + Focus Punch as he creates 101 HP Substitutes, making him a perfect Blissey counter; however, this strategy is better left to other Pokemon, as Substitute's HP-sapping effect is rather counterproductive. Swampert's decent base 85 Special Attack stat means that he can run a Choice Specs set with Surf, Earth Power, Ice Beam, and Hidden Power Electric, but this set is inferior to other special attackers, as the only thing it has going for it is surprise value. Finally, Swampert can be a good support Pokemon to use on a Rain Dance team, as many Rain Dance teams struggle with Tyranitar, to whom Swampert is a great counter. However, Swampert has more worthwhile options to use.

Checks and Counters

Swampert's most obvious counters are Grass-type Pokemon. Celebi and Shaymin both can shrug off an Ice Beam with ease; Celebi has the option of setting up multiple Calm Minds or KOing Swampert immediately with Grass Knot or Leaf Storm, while Shaymin eviscerates Swampert with a STAB Seed Flare. Breloom also beats Swampert with little difficulty as it can either Seed Bomb Swampert for the outright OHKO, or can opt to use it as a set-up fodder by using Spore and then setting up a Substitute. Roserade also has a field day with Swampert as it has the option of either going for the KO or setting up either Spikes or Toxic Spikes. All of these Pokemon must be wary of a Choice Band Ice Punch though, as it deals major damage. Abomasnow can beat Swampert through the use of a STAB Wood Hammer, or can choose to wear Swampert down with the combination of Leech Seed and Substitute. Unexpected Grass moves can rain on Zapdos's day, as its 4x Grass weakness causes even unSTABed Grass moves to hurt. Zapdos and Raikou with Hidden Power Grass deal major damage to Swampert, although Raikou must be wary of Earthquake. Infernape and Jirachi make good use of Grass Knot, targeting Swampert's high weight and low Special Defense, but must also watch out for Earthquake.

Bulky Water-types have no problem dealing with Swampert, as they resist Ice Beam and take minimal damage from Earthquake. Suicune is able to set up multiple Calm Minds on Swampert and deal heavy damage with Surf. Vaporean with Toxic is a major thorn in Swampert's side, as it is able to outstall Swampert with Wish and Protect once it statuses it. Vaporean without Toxic also beats Swampert one-on-one, although without Toxic, Swampert is able to switch out without repercussion. Defensive Starmie is able to spin away the Stealth Rock Swampert sets up, and can then smash it with Surf while recovering off any damage Swampert inflicts. Taunt Dragon Dance Gyarados sets up on Swampert, prevents it from using Roar with Taunt, and takes pitiful damage from Ice Beam.

Swampert is horribly vulnerable to essentially all Spikes users, and although these users can't OHKO Swampert, they accomplish their roles as entry hazard setters. Skarmory sets up Spikes with ease on Swampert as it not able to harm Skarmory with any of its moves. Skarmory with Taunt is an even better counter as it prevents Swampert from roaring it out before it can set up multiple layers of Spikes. Forretress can spin away the Stealth Rock Swampert sets up, while at the same time is able to set up multiple layers of Spikes or Toxic Spikes. As stated earlier, Roserade can set up both Spikes or Toxic Spikes, or can opt for the OHKO. Smeargle can Spore Swampert and then set up Spikes, while also being able to use Taunt to prevent Swampert from setting up Stealth Rock.

Because Swampert has no form of reliable recovery, it desperately hates status. As such, Rotom-A is a good counter to Swampert as not only will Swampert be unable to harm it, but it is able to burn Swampert with Will-o-Wisp. Dusknoir does much of the same that Rotom-A does, however Dusknoir is vulnerable to being hit by Earthquake. Although Blissey is not the ideal Swampert counter, it can use Toxic to cripple Swampert and then proceed to outstall it through the usage of healing. In general, if you can get some sort of status on Swampert, its defensive abilities are greatly reduced and it is a much easier threat to deal with.