Serene Grace
This Pokémon's secondary effect chances are doubled.
Physical moves do 50% more damage at the cost of 20% accuracy. Increases wild encounter rate with higher level Pokémon.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 311 374 -
122 136 199 218
203 226 289 317
248 276 339 372
239 266 329 361
176 196 259 284
  • Overused


Togekiss fills a unique role in the OU metagame with its ability to serve as a sweeper, a specially defensive tank, an excellent Nasty Plot Baton Passer, or as a general annoyance. It's also one of the few users of Serene Grace, and it's certainly able to put it to good use with its great movepool. Togekiss's respectable typing provides it with enough ways to switch into combat and its above average defenses make it surprisingly difficult for opponents to shoot down this paper plane without STAB, super effective attacks.

Togekiss has a few weaknesses that it needs to watch out for when being used, however. As it is weak to Rock-type attacks, it loses 25% of its HP upon switching into Stealth Rock. Additionally, Togekiss is not fast enough to outpace a large portion of the metagame, having only a base 80 Speed stat. This means that if you plan on having Togekiss successfully sweep, you will need to either spread paralysis around or eliminate your opponent's faster Pokemon. Despite these downfalls, Togekiss is a useful addition to any team with the right support.

Name Item Ability Nature

Defensive Nasty Plot

Leftovers Serene Grace Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Nasty Plot
~ Air Slash
~ Aura Sphere / Heal Bell
~ Roost
252 HP / 36 SpA / 220 Spe

This Togekiss takes a more conventional route toward sweeping, taking advantage of its massive Special Attack, good defenses, and access to Roost in order to successfully obtain a Nasty Plot boost. With a Modest nature, a boosted Air Slash does catastrophic damage, OHKOing Scizor after Stealth Rock, while scoring 2-3HKOs even on Pokemon who resist it. When you combine Air Slash's flinch rate and Togekiss's bulk, you'll find that it has no problem sweeping teams that are sufficiently weakened. Unlike most Nasty Plot sweepers, Togekiss has both instant recovery in Roost and the bulk needed to take down opponents without worrying about taking excessive damage; even weaker super effective hits won't significantly damage it.

Aura Sphere is for Tyranitar, who threatens an OHKO with Stone Edge. Aura Sphere OHKOes right back after a Nasty Plot, while also providing useful extra damage against Blissey, Metagross, Heatran, and other Pokemon who resist Flying. While Air Slash is often the primary attack against these foes, Aura Sphere allows you to finish off these Pokemon at higher percentages. Heal Bell is extremely useful against stall teams, allowing Togekiss to switch in and absorb status attacks, while providing the means to win against even Toxic Blissey 1-on-1 in tandem with Roost.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Offensive Nasty Plot

Life Orb Serene Grace Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Nasty Plot
~ Air Slash
~ Fire Blast
~ Roost / Aura Sphere
192 HP / 80 SpA / 236 Spe

This set takes a more offensive approach to Nasty Plot Togekiss. While many Togekiss sets aim to exploit its impressive bulk, this set takes advantage of its massive Special Attack and decent Speed. Very few Pokemon will be able to switch in on this Togekiss safely once it secures a Nasty Plot boost; indeed, every Pokemon in the OU tier is at the very least 2HKOed by a +2 Togekiss.

Nasty Plot allows Togekiss to boost its already high Special Attack to astronomical levels in just one turn of set up. Air Slash is Togekiss's STAB move, and comes with a neat 60% flinch rate, thanks to Serene Grace. Fire Blast is used to hit Pokemon such as Jirachi and Bronzong, who resist Togekiss's Air Slash. It also sees additional use in its ability to OHKO 252 HP Zapdos and Rotom-A who resist all of Togekiss's other moves and can otherwise set up on it. Roost is the best choice in the final slot for its ability to heal Togekiss's health, prolonging its sweep. However, Aura Sphere can be used instead to give Togekiss a means of hitting Tyranitar and Heatran, who will otherwise wall Togekiss.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Serene Grace Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Air Slash
~ Thunder Wave / Body Slam
~ Aura Sphere / Nasty Plot / Substitute
~ Roost
252 HP / 188 Def / 68 SpD

Serene Grace is definitely not wasted on a Pokemon like Togekiss. A 60% flinch rate combined with paralysis support leaves the opposing Pokemon with only a 30% chance of doing anything at all. Combine this with Togekiss's general bulk and recovery in the form of Roost, and it can pose a serious threat to an opponent's team.

Air Slash is mandatory for STAB and flinching on Togekiss. Thunder Wave is the most reliable option in the second slot to paralyze whoever your opponent might switch into Togekiss. Body Slam is another option to use in order to have the ability to paralyze Pokemon immune to Thunder Wave. The third slot has numerous options to choose from. Aura Sphere is the primary choice to round out Togekiss's coverage, hitting Rock- and Steel-types particularly hard. Nasty Plot is available to help Togekiss sweep, although it should be noted that it's illegal with Body Slam. Substitute can also be used to make Togekiss even harder and more annoying to take down and keep it safe from status. The last move is given to Roost to provide Togekiss with reliable recovery.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Serene Grace Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Air Slash
~ Aura Sphere
~ Fire Blast / Flamethrower
~ Trick
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

A quick and easy fix to Togekiss's middling Speed is to slap a Choice Scarf on it. Many of the Pokemon who switch into Togekiss expecting to outspeed it are quickly worn down by repeated attacks and possibly flinched to death. Combine this with an arsenal of respectable attacks, good coverage, and Serene Grace and Togekiss can be a dangerous threat to your opponent. Choice Scarf Togekiss can even make for a decent lead, shutting down many common leads right off the bat by flinching them to death with Air Slash. It also has access to Trick, which enables it to cripple common Stealth Rock users such as Swampert and Metagross right off the bat.

Air Slash is chosen for its flinch rate and STAB, while Aura Sphere is chosen for the excellent secondary coverage it provides. Fire Blast is recommended in the third slot to guarantee the 2HKO on standard Bronzong and the OHKO on standard Skarmory. Flamethrower is a viable alternative to Fire Blast for the added accuracy, but the lost OHKOs are a letdown. Trick is recommended in the final slot to cripple popular switch-ins to this Togekiss, namely Blissey, who will otherwise easily wall Togekiss. However, many other moves could be used as well, such as Tri Attack, Shadow Ball, and Hidden Power Ice.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Baton Pass

Leftovers Serene Grace Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Nasty Plot
~ Baton Pass
~ Air Slash / Encore
~ Roost / Wish
252 HP / 64 SpD / 192 Spe

Togekiss is a member of the elite group of Pokemon to not only learn Nasty Plot, but also be able to Baton Pass it. Using this set is very straightforward; set up a Nasty Plot or two, Air Slash and Roost as necessary, and then pass it to the appropriate recipient when someone appears who Togekiss can't beat.

Air Slash is for mandatory STAB and flinch abuse on Togekiss, and when backed by a Nasty Plot can do some serious damage to its opponents. Air Slash also prevents Togekiss from becoming Taunt bait. Encore is an option in the third slot, though, because it can force a switch and give you a free turn of setup. If you can cover for being Taunt bait, then it may prove useful for switching into the likes of Swampert's Earthquake. Roost rounds out the set in the last slot by keeping Togekiss healthy and able to pass at any point during a match. Wish can be used over Roost to support the team and the recipient better, but Togekiss will be worn down fast without the instant recovery in Roost.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Serene Grace Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Encore
~ Wish / Roost
~ Air Slash
~ Aura Sphere / Thunder Wave / Body Slam
252 HP / 20 Def / 236 Spe

Togekiss's ability to support the team is amplified when it has Encore and Wish in its arsenal. The strategy is to come in on a set-up or support move and Encore it, likely forcing a switch. While Togekiss is out it can also Encore faster Pokemon, which requires lots of prediction but can have huge payoffs. These situations allow Togekiss to assist the team by setting up Wish and then proceeding to pass it to a counter for the current opposing Pokemon while not having to worry about being taken out. If one chooses not to Wish, it's possible to simply abuse the free turn to paralyze an incoming Pokemon with either Body Slam or Thunder Wave. Forcing a switch can also allow one of your sweepers to come in unharmed, set up, and cause havoc for your opponent. Roost is an option over Wish if none of Togekiss's teammates are Rapid Spinners, as Stealth Rock damage can really pile up on it. However, Roost greatly cuts down on Togekiss's ability to support the team, meaning that Wish is preferable for this particular set.

Air Slash and Aura Sphere allow for a neutral hit on every single Pokemon, barring Zapdos and Rotom. Air Slash, a powerful STAB attack, can also help Togekiss to keep some Wish recovery for itself due to the 60% flinch chance on slower Pokemon. Aura Sphere is not a requirement, though, as this Togekiss is not meant to sweep, reducing the need for type coverage. Body Slam or Thunder Wave can take its spot to paralyze incoming Pokemon, as mentioned earlier. The choice depends on whether the team has more of a problem with speedy Ghost-types, such as Gengar, or Pokemon immune to Electric-type moves, such as Jolteon or Flygon.

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Other Options

Being a Normal-type, Togekiss's movepool is quite vast, and therefore it has many options to utilize. Togekiss can set up dual screens in order to better support its team. While a set like this is largely outclassed by other Pokemon, such as Bronzong and Uxie, Togekiss's Normal / Flying typing can give it a unique niche as a dual screener; its Stealth Rock weakness is disappointing, however. Grass Knot is also a solid choice to wear down Ground- and Water-types, such as Hippowdon and Swampert. Unfortunately, it is often hard to find a place for it on a set. Yawn can be used to force switches, and considering that Togekiss is usually used with entry hazard support, you can find yourself racking up big damage against an opponent. Counter can be used to take out physical attackers, although if you predict incorrectly, the results could be unfavorable. Tri Attack can be used as a secondary source of special STAB, but it gets poor neutral coverage with Air Slash.

For most Togekiss sets, capitalizing on its impressive bulk is a must. That's why it is usually a good idea to maximize Togekiss's HP. However, if you are using a more offensive set, like the Choice Scarf variant, then a simple 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe spread works just fine as well. 104 Speed EVs can be used to outrun Adamant Tyranitar, but you can just as easily use more Speed in order to beat Jolly non-Choice Scarf variants. Taking advantage of Togekiss's awesome Special Attack is always a good idea, so if you find yourself with spare EVs, dumping them in Special Attack won't hurt.

Checks and Counters

Status seriously cripples basically all variants of Togekiss. Blissey and Cresselia come to mind as the best choices to abuse this weakness, taking pittance from Togekiss's attacks and being able to heal off any damage taken while threatening paralysis or poison. Lanturn can also come in on Togekiss with its resistance to Air Slash and threaten it with Thunder Wave.

A few other defensive and offensive Pokemon alike stand out for being able to switch into Togekiss with relative impunity. Zapdos resists both Air Slash and Aura Sphere, and with its greater Speed stat can set up a Substitute before being hit by Thunder Wave. Jolteon or Electivire can come in on a predicted Air Slash or Thunder Wave and immediately threaten Togekiss. Rotom-A can also switch in safely as it is immune to Aura Sphere and resists Air Slash. All of these Pokemon have high-power, super effective attacks and status moves that threaten Togekiss. Bronzong also takes little damage from Air Slash and paralysis causes its Gyro Ball to hit harder.