Serene Grace
This Pokémon's secondary effect chances are doubled.
Physical moves do 50% more damage at the cost of 20% accuracy. Increases wild encounter rate with higher level Pokémon.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 251 314 -
104 116 179 196
185 206 269 295
176 196 259 284
221 246 309 339
104 116 179 196
  • Underused


Togetic is one of the few Pokemon who can pass Nasty Plot in UU, the others being Ambipom, Hypno, Minun, Mr. Mime, and Plusle. You may be asking yourself: "What does this NFE Pokemon have that makes it so special?" The main answer is Roost. With Roost, Togetic is able to set up on weaker opponents such as Chansey and pass boosts to its teammates with ease. Its decent defenses also help it set up, especially because its HP isn't too impressive. Togetic also has a variety of other support moves which include Wish, Encore, Heal Bell, Yawn, and many more. Togetic only has three weaknesses as well, which are all easily covered by Lanturn, Magneton, or even Registeel. Unfortunately, Togetic is cursed with a weakness to Stealth Rock, and outside of Baton Pass, it isn't useful for much else.

Name Item Nature

Baton Pass

Leftovers Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Baton Pass
~ Nasty Plot
~ Roost
~ Hidden Power Flying
252 HP / 172 SpD / 84 Spe

This set takes advantage of Togetic's ability to set up on weaker opponents such as Uxie and Chansey, and support its teammates with Nasty Plot boosts. If you manage to pass Special Attack boosts to a sweeper such as Sceptile, Moltres, or Mismagius, they can become virtually unstoppable. Roost is the main selling point of Togetic, which allows it to set up multiple times, recover Stealth Rock damage, and remove its Flying typing temporarily. Hidden Power Flying is used for STAB, and comes in handy if Togetic is Taunted.

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Other Options

Togetic has a very nice support movepool, and it has the necessary stat distribution to abuse it. Wish can be used to support teammates, and can be used alongside Protect to instantly heal Togetic. Charm can be used to weaken physical attackers, Tailwind can be used to temporarily raise your team's Speed, and Psych Up can be used to copy the opponent's stat boosts and pass them to a teammate. Heal Bell is an option over Baton Pass, which turns Togetic into an effective stallbreaker, while Thunder Wave may be used to cripple a dangerous sweeper. Yawn or Substitute may be used on a Baton Pass set to cripple an opponent or avoid status, respectively. Trick can be used with a Choice item such as Choice Specs, effectively crippling a wall such as Chansey for the remainder of the battle. Psycho Shift may be used to pass any status afflictions onto the opponent, and using it alongside a Flame or Toxic Orb may be effective as well. A dual screen set can be used to support teammates, and Togetic's decent defenses and access to Wish are great assets for this purpose. AncientPower is an obscure choice, though it gives Togetic a 20% chance to boost all its stats thanks to Serene Grace. Believe it or not, Togetic has an amazing offensive movepool, though it has mediocre attacking stats and poor Speed. Flamethrower, Tri Attack, Shadow Ball, and Grass Knot are all viable options, and with Choice Specs equipped, Togetic can become pretty powerful.

Checks and Counters

Due to Togetic's specially-based movepool, Pokemon with high Special Defense are excellent counters; Chansey, Clefable, and Registeel are the main ones as they take little damage from any of Togetic's attacks, can set up Stealth Rock, and all have a reliable form of recovery. Rock-types such as Rhyperior and Aggron can take on Togetic if it lacks Grass Knot, as can Rotom if Togetic is without Shadow Ball. Most specially bulky Pokemon with reasonable power can take on Togetic; just make sure it can't set up against your Pokemon too easily. Haze Milotic takes little damage from any of Togetic's attacks, while Haze will erase any stat boosts accumulated. Toxic is a pain for Togetic as it makes it more difficult to set up and slowly drains its HP, just watch out for Heal Bell versions. Finally, Stealth Rock takes a quarter of Togetic's health upon it switching in, and is easily set up by most leads.