Boosts power of Fire-type moves 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Type Tier
Fire LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
10 12 15 16
9 10 13 14
11 13 16 17
9 11 14 15
9 11 14 15
  • Little Cup


At first glance, Torchic may seem completely useless, having mediocre stats in most areas, a small movepool, and a weakness to Stealth Rock. However, Torchic does have decent attacking stats; this, combined with powerful STAB options, means Torchic is not as useless as it looks. Overall, Torchic is outclassed by other Fire-types such as Houndour and Ponyta, but is still a neat little Pokemon to use.

Name Item Nature

Mixed Attacker

Life Orb Hasty
Moveset EVs
~ Fire Blast / Overheat
~ Hidden Power Grass
~ Rock Slide
~ Quick Attack
36 Atk / 200 SpA / 36 SpD / 236 Spe

This is the only set Torchic can run without being completely outclassed by its Fire-type rivals. Fire Blast is its main STAB move, dealing significant damage to any Pokemon who does not resist it. Overheat is also an option due to its extra power and accuracy, but has the negative effect of sharply lowering Torchic's Special Attack. Hidden Power Grass has decent coverage with Fire Blast, hitting Water-types such as Chinchou on the switch; additionally, it hits Rock-type Pokemon for super effective damage, preventing them from switching in freely. Rock Slide hits Flying-types such as Mantyke as well as other Fire-type Pokemon for super effective damage. Quick Attack provides Torchic with a way of picking off weakened Pokemon, and priority is always useful in a fast paced metagame such as Little Cup.

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Other Options

Torchic has access to stat boosting moves in Swords Dance and Agility, as well Baton Pass, but it is too frail to pull this off, even when dual screens are set up. Gligar also completely outclasses it as a stat booster due to more bulk, immunities to Electric- and Ground-type attacks, and the lack of a Stealth Rock weakness. A physical attacking set may be tempting, but the lack of a physical STAB attack and coverage moves is a letdown. Torchic has access to Return, but priority is generally more important than the extra power Return provides. Finally, Torchic has Counter, Will-O-Wisp, and Toxic, but is too frail to make good use of them.

Checks and Counters

Mantyke is a great counter, being able to switch into Fire Blast or Hidden Power Grass without fear thanks to its high Special Defense. Other Water-type Pokemon also do well, but must beware of Hidden Power Grass. Examples include Staryu and Chinchou, who can both switch in on Fire Blast and defeat Torchic with Hydro Pump. Diglett can trap Torchic with Arena Trap, but can't switch in on any attack, as even a Rock Slide followed by Quick Attack will deal plenty of damage to it (if not KO it outright). Finally, any Pokemon who can outspeed Torchic will fare quite well, as the Chick Pokemon will fall to almost any powerful hit.