Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage reduced 1/2.
Ice Body
Heals 1/16 max HP in hail.
Type Tier
Ice / Water NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 361 424 -
176 196 259 284
194 216 279 306
203 226 289 317
194 216 279 306
149 166 229 251


Though hail is a more viable strategy in OU due to the presence of Abomasnow, Walrein is still a great candidate for hail in the lower tiers. With hail support from Snover, Walrein can easily stall out many powerful threats with just Protect and Substitute alone. Add in a generous helping of entry hazards and you will find Walrein to be one of the most difficult Pokemon to take out. Unless you have a specific Pokemon to counter Walrein, it won't be easy to defeat it, as passive damage can easily knock you out. While it's not going to be everywhere, it's definitely worth having some way to plow through this Pokemon when it rears its ugly head.

Name Item Ability Nature

Stallrein (Toxic Stall)

Leftovers Ice Body Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Protect
~ Substitute
~ Super Fang / Roar / Toxic
~ Surf / Blizzard
232 HP / 220 Def / 56 Spe

This set performs best in conjunction with Snover because it allows Walrein to activate its near exclusive ability, Ice Body. With Ice Body and Leftovers, coupled with its 110 / 90 / 90 defensive stats, Walrein becomes incredibly durable despite its terrible defensive typing. The full potential of this set can only be unlocked with substantial team support, however, most notably in the form of Toxic Spikes on the opposing team's field. The main idea behind this set is to increase residual and poison damage by alternating between Protect and Substitute. Super Fang is for halving the opponent's health, decreasing the time it'll take to wear out the opponent and decreasing the window of opportunity for your opponent to take out Walrein. Toxic can still be used on Walrein in order to poison Pokemon immune to Toxic Spikes or if you haven't had a chance to set them up yet. Surf or Blizzard guarantees that Walrein has an attacking move should it be Taunted by the opposing Pokemon.

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Other Options

There were many possible sets left out of the main options due to Walrein's poor defensive typing. Walrein can run a set with Curse, Avalanche, Earthquake, and Rest, but its poor defensive typing along with unreliable healing makes the set's effectiveness questionable. Walrein can also run a decent RestTalk set, but it won't be sticking around for long due to its many weaknesses. Walrein could also run Encore to help its teammates set up, but don't push your luck. A Choice Band set with Body Slam, Rock Slide, Ice Fang, and Waterfall is plausible, but Walrein is better off stalling rather than attacking. A Choice Specs set could also work, especially with hail on the field for a 100% accurate Blizzard.

Checks and Counters

As for defensive options, Clefable pretty much wrecks Walrein thanks to its ability, Magic Guard. Clefable isn't afraid of poison, hail, or whatever else Walrein thinks it can do, and can just set up with Calm Mind or do any dozens of other things at Walrein's expense. If Walrein lacks Super Fang and has Blizzard instead of Surf, Registeel can come in and PP stall out Blizzard, forcing Walrein to switch out most of the time.