Shield Dust
Secondary effects won't occur.
Type Tier
Bug / Poison LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 20 23 -
9 10 13 14
8 9 12 13
7 8 11 12
7 8 11 12
9 11 14 15
  • Little Cup


Weedle boasts the prestigious "Smallest Movepool in all of Little Cup" award, trumping even Caterpie, Burmy, and the fearsome Magikarp with its minuteness. Utilizing its amazingly concise movepool, Weedle can act as an extreme nuisance to the other team, eating all Oran Berries in its path, poisoning unsuspecting victims who switch in thinking they can forge through a powerful Poison Sting, and crippling opposing sweepers with a tactical String Shot. Furthermore, Weedle has the highest Attack stat out of all the aforementioned limited-movepool behemoths, making it even more of a superior choice when considering one of the four for your team. However, it's not all rainbows and butterflies for Weedle (well, rainbows and bees I guess). Weedle is faced with fearsome competition, having to differentiate itself from hailed sweepers like Gligar, who is also able to learn Poison Sting, making it quite the rival for a team slot. When considering putting Weedle on your team, you must be sure to utilize its advantages over other Pokemon, mainly String Shot, Bug Bite, and Poison Sting. Although many other Pokemon learn these moves, I guarantee you that you will more than likely only see this potent combination on Weedle as they are the most effective moves he has.

Name Item Nature

Soon to be Kakuna

Life Orb / Oran Berry / Choice Band Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Bug Bite
~ Poison Sting
~ String Shot
196 HP / 236 Atk / 36 Def / 36 Spe

This is the only set Weedle can run, because, well, this is its entire movepool. But don't fret! Weedle doesn't even need four moves, as it is able to pose an extremely moderate threat with this holy trinity of moves alone. Bug Bite is Weedle's strongest STAB attack, and will hurt most Pokemon more than any of its other attacks. Not even Pokemon that resist Bug Bite can switch in safely for fear of losing their precious Oran Berry. The fact that Weedle is fairly uncommon also helps, since opposing walls that switch in won't be aware of the potential loss of their Berry. It should be noted that Bug Bite can 6HKO Aron (5HKO with Choice Band), an impressive feat. Poison Sting is for secondary STAB, but is considerably weaker than Bug Bite. However there is one reason and one reason alone that warrants its use and that is poison. Just watch as your opponent winces in rage and cries in fear when their precious Weedle check becomes crippled with the bane that is regular poison, causing them to lose a full 12.5% of their health every single turn. Finally, String Shot allows Weedle to outspeed all Pokemon below 17 Speed after a single String Shot, allowing it to strike first or set up an essential sweep for a teammate (unless the opponent switches out of course).

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Other Options

In terms of moves, Weedle has none, due to it only having three moves in its entire arsenal. Weedle can be used in a Trick Room team with the Speed EVs moved to Special Defense with a Brave nature, although it isn't recommended as it interferes with the String Shot strategy. Weedle can also run a Choice Band set consisting solely of Poison Sting and Bug Bite, but it generally enjoys the freedom of switching moves.

Checks and Counters

There are very few Pokemon in the entire metagame that can boast being the perfect Weedle counter due to the side effects of Weedle's moves. Although almost every Pokemon in the metagame has the potential to do well against Weedle, they must be wary of losing their Berry, becoming crippled with poison, or being afflicted by the Speed-lowering effect of String Shot. Although Weedle boasts excellent defensive and offensive stats, it still has trouble dealing with Pokemon like Combee, who are simultaneously defensive bastions and offensive powerhouses in their own right; be careful, as they have the potential to brave through Weedle's destruction if they lack a consumable item or are immune to poison. A good example of such a fiendish adversary is Gligar, who resists both of Weedle's STAB attacks, outspeeds Weedle even after a String Shot, and has decent offensive stats to eliminate Weedle. Life Orb variants certainly don't mind Weedle's Bug Bite, but they still despise the extra passive poison damage. Fire-type Pokemon also do well against Weedle's onslaught, being able to switch in on a Bug Bite and OHKO Weedle with a STAB move; examples include Ponyta and Growlithe, who can defeat Weedle with Flare Blitz. Bronzor is the ultimate bane of Weedle's existence, being immune to poison and having access to Recycle, which can stop a Weedle sweep cold.