The wielder is immune to Ground-type moves.
Reduces damage from Fire-type moves by 50%.
Heavy Metal
The wielder's weight is doubled.
Steel / Psychic
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 275 338 -
192 214 277 304
241 268 331 364
174 194 257 282
241 268 331 364
91 102 165 181


With the popularity of threats such as Excadrill, Mamoswine, and Dragonite, Bronzong is able to fill a unique niche as a go-to defensive Pokemon for offensive teams that cannot afford a dedicated defensive core. To make matters better, Bronzong has access to the Levitate ability, which makes it weak only to Fire-type attacks. With an excellent defensive typing and good bulk, Bronzong can also easily set up Stealth Rock against many of the common threats in the DW OU metagame.

Unfortunately, it is not all good news for this bell. Heatran, a common Pokemon in DW OU, can take down Bronzong with little effort by always cleanly OHKOing it with Fire Blast. To make things worse, Bronzong does not have access to a reliable recovery move outside of Rest. Do not let these faults deter you from using Bronzong, though; if this bell is played to its strengths, it will prove to be an excellent member of your team.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers / Shed Shell Relaxed
Moveset IVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Gyro Ball
~ Earthquake
~ Hidden Power Ice / Toxic / Light Screen
2 Spe
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

This is Bronzong's best—and most commonly seen—set. Thanks to Bronzong's excellent defensive typing and great ability in Levitate, it can wall the majority of the physical attackers in the tier. Stealth Rock is a staple move because Bronzong's bulk lets it set it up easily. Gyro Ball is Bronzong's STAB move of choice; it hits most foes hard due to Bronzong's terrible Speed stat. Earthquake is useful to hit Excadrill, while Hidden Power Ice eliminates Dragon-types, Breloom, and Gliscor. If taking down the aforementioned threats is not a priority to your team, feel free to use Toxic to cripple switch-ins. Lastly, Light Screen can discourage powerful special attackers, such as Keldeo, from switching in and setting up on Bronzong.

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Other Options

Bronzong has a ton of other viable options it can utilize. Its excellent mixed defensive stats and typing allow it to be an efficient Trick Room user: it can switch into most physical attacks and set up Trick Room, giving slower attackers an easier time to sweep. Similarly, Bronzong can make use of Light Screen and Reflect; however, it is largely outclassed by Deoxys-S, Espeon, and even Azelf at this job. Bronzong can run a Trick set with Choice Band or Choice Scarf as its item, but there are many better options. A RestTalk set can be used if the lack of recovery is an issue, but the new sleep mechanics make this strategy a lot less useful and reliable.

Checks and Counters

Anything with a Fire-type STAB move will roast Bronzong; Heatran is one notable example. As the standard Bronzong is physically rather than specially defensive, powerful special attackers, such as Keldeo and Choice Specs Latios, can take it down over time. Rain teams can be problematic for Bronzong as rain-boosted Water-type STAB moves from the likes of Keldeo or even Politoed will deal serious damage to it. Finally, Bronzong is not impenetrable on the physical side as well: Breloom can put it to sleep with Spore, set up Swords Dance, and proceed to 2HKO with Mach Punch.