Prevents paralysis.
The wielder transforms into the opponent when it switches in.
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 237 300 -
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214
118 132 195 214


While Ditto spent the last four generations of Pokemon shunned in the corner of Bill's PC Box, only brought out to breed with other Pokemon, Dream World granted it a new lease on life. With Imposter, Ditto copies any stat boosts, moves, abilities, and even the species of the opposing Pokemon itself! Ditto works as a fantastic revenge killer thanks to its ability to both annihilate threats with the immense Speed granted by a Choice Scarf and take advantage of the opponent's boosts. This also makes the opponent wary of setting up early in a match, as the opponent does not want to get demolished by his own sweeper. However, Ditto is not without flaws. Its checks and counters completely depend upon what it changes into, limiting Ditto's staying power. Our little pink blob should never be underestimated, though, as one wrong move can spell impending doom.

Name Item Ability Nature

The One, The Only...

Choice Scarf Imposter Relaxed
Moveset IVs
~ Transform
30 Atk / 30 Def
248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD

This is Ditto's best, and only, set in the Dream World metagame. With Imposter, Ditto automatically transforms into the opponent upon being sent into battle. Ditto has a bit of a four-moveslot syndrome, so choosing the correct move is imperative... Well, not really. If anything, Ditto has a one-moveslot syndrome. In fact, the only reason Ditto has a move is because without it, one would not be able to use Ditto. Still, Transform adds nothing to Ditto's utility, as Imposter accomplishes what Ditto would already do with Transform, though Transform does not copy stat boosts and wastes a turn.

Ditto should only be sent out against Pokemon that one wants to revenge kill, as that is Ditto's most effective role. This holds especially true against setup sweepers that have already acquired multiple boosts, as it simply makes Ditto more deadly. If Ditto can manage to come out against Technician Breloom, Excadrill lacking Air Balloon, Swords Dance Garchomp, or Calm Mind Latios, it can use the opponent's momentum against them and sweep with impunity. However, as always, one should never send Ditto out against an opponent that has a Substitute up, as Ditto cannot transform into a Pokemon behind a Substitute and will simply become dead weight.

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Other Options

With a one move movepool, it is hard to imagine that Ditto has very many other options! In all seriousness, the only change to the set above that can be made regards the IVs. Ditto can manipulate its IVs to gain the Hidden Power of its choice, so running a set with 30 Attack and 30 Defense IVs can provide Hidden Power Ice, running a set with 30 Attack, 30 Special Attack, and 30 Speed can provide Hidden Power Fire, and so on. Remember to not fully take away from Ditto's Speed IVs, as one does not want Ditto to be as slow as dirt.

Checks and Counters

While most of Ditto's checks and counters are entirely subjective to the Pokemon Ditto transforms into, there are Pokemon that can stump our little pink friend. Users of the move Substitute can set up a Substitute and prevent Ditto from transforming into them, rendering it useless. Additionally, there are Pokemon that Ditto will not appreciate transforming into. While Choice Scarf Blissey may seem like a game-changer, one should note that locking Ditto into Softboiled and attempting to stall out special attackers is really not as entertaining as it seems.

In any case, Ditto has to live in fear of walls that can wall what it transforms into. For example, should Ditto transform into Breloom, Xatu or Dragonite make for wonderful switch-ins. Additionally, should Ditto transform into Chandelure, Tyranitar, Snorlax, and other specially oriented tanks can make short work of it.