Volt Absorb
Heals 25% HP when hit by an Electric-type attack.
Quick Feet
Speed is increased by 50% when afflicted with status.
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
149 166 229 251
140 156 219 240
230 256 319 350
203 226 289 317
266 296 359 394


Jolteon's fate is a sad one. At first, Jolteon's respectable base 110 Special Attack and base 130 Speed appear to make it a deadly powerhouse that all teams should prepare for. However, Jolteon is overshadowed by Raikou, which is stronger, bulkier thanks to Volt Absorb, and boasts superb coverage. In addition, Jolteon is a favorite target for Ground-type Pokemon, as well as priority users and Choice Scarf revenge killers. Luckily, Jolteon's saving grace is Baton Pass. With access to boosting moves such as Work Up and Charge Beam, Jolteon can easily beef up a teammate and win back momentum. In addition, Jolteon's Speed makes it one of the fastest Baton Passers in existence, and despite being outshined by Raikou, it can still deliver lethal damage. While Jolteon's role in Dream World is vastly different from its niche in OU, it is still a stellar Pokemon to use.

Name Item Ability

Baton Pass

Leftovers / Air Balloon Volt Absorb
Moveset EVs
~ Baton Pass
~ Work Up / Charge Beam
~ Thunderbolt
~ Hidden Power Ice / Substitute
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

The purpose of this set is to switch Jolteon into a Pokemon it can threaten, such as Politoed. Once the foe switches out, Jolteon can use a boosting move and then quickly Baton Pass it before the switch-in can attack. The two boosting moves in question are Work Up and Charge Beam. Work Up is the recommended choice because it boosts both Attack and Special Attack; unlike moves that boost only a single offensive stat, Work Up allows you to choose your receivers with more freedom. Charge Beam only boosts Special Attack, which restricts which Pokemon it can pass the boost to. However, it does deal a modest amount of damage, which can be just enough to finish off a weakened Pokemon. Using Charge Beam can also trick opponents into thinking that Jolteon is running an offensive set, which allows it to use Baton Pass when they least expect it. Jolteon can also opt to stay in and use its boosts, as it boasts excellent coverage and power with Thunderbolt and Hidden Power Ice off its base 110 Special Attack stat. If you want to trade power for longevity, consider using Substitute over Hidden Power Ice. This gives Jolteon and its receiver a cushion against status effects, as well as more leeway for mistakes. However, using Substitute has a nasty drawback: Jolteon becomes a sitting duck against Ground-types and other Pokemon immune to Electric-type attacks.

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Other Options

Jolteon's shallow movepool means that it does not have a lot of other options. One thing Jolteon can do is to run a special attacker set with Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Ice, Volt Switch, and Shadow Ball with either Life Orb or Choice Specs. This set's advantage over Raikou, Jolteon's biggest rival, is that Jolteon's base 130 Speed allows it to outspeed threats that Raikou cannot, such as Starmie, Weavile, and Modest Choice Scarf Chandelure. If you prefer the Baton Pass set more, one additional move Jolteon can pass is Agility; this allows Jolteon to help out powerful but slow teammates. The problem is that your opponent will rarely give you enough time to Baton Pass both Agility and Work Up / Charge Beam simultaneously. Fake Tears is an interesting option as it allows Jolteon to electrocute special walls more easily. Fake Tears can also be used to phaze, which gives Jolteon an easier time to set up. Yawn is another great phazing move, particularly against faster, offensive Pokemon that do not mind Fake Tears's Special Defense drop.

Checks and Counters

In order to shut down Jolteon, you need to either KO it or force it out before it Baton Passes a boosting move. Ground-type Pokemon are fantastic at scaring non-Air Balloon Jolteon; Gliscor, Landorus, Garchomp, and Excadrill can safely switch into a Thunderbolt and threaten it with Earthquake. However, Hidden Power Ice can OHKO the former three, so switch smartly. On the defensive side, Gastodon's special bulk allows it to sponge anything Jolteon throws at it. Gastrodon's cousin Quagsire might not be as bulky, but its Unaware ability renders Jolteon's boosts useless. In addition to Ground-types, special walls such as Blissey and specially defensive Tyranitar can soak up anything Jolteon throws at them; Tyranitar can then KO Jolteon with Crunch. Pokemon with the Lightningrod or Volt Absorb abilities, particularly Zapdos and Raikou, can switch safely into Thunderbolt and fry Jolteon's Baton Pass recipient. Finally, you can try priority attacks, such as Dragonite's ExtremeSpeed or Breloom's Mach Punch. These attacks bypass Jolteon's speed and can quickly knock it out before it uses Baton Pass. Choice Scarf users such as Terrakion can also outspeed Jolteon and KO it.