Grants immunity to infatuation and Captivate.
Snow Cloak
Evasion increases 25% in hail.
Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Ice / Ground
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 361 424 -
266 296 359 394
176 196 259 284
158 176 239 262
140 156 219 240
176 196 259 284


Mamoswine is one of the very few Ice-types that stand tall in the DW metagame due to its dual typing, which grants it a neutrality to Stealth Rock, an immunity to both hail and sandstorm, and its fantastic type coverage, which allows Mamoswine to solely rely on its STAB moves in order to crush the opponent. Our shaggy friend also has a mammoth (excuse the pun) base 130 Attack, which basically translates as "whatever doesn't resist its moves will get pulverized." Its Dream World ability, Thick Fat, grants it a neutrality to Fire and a resistance to Ice, making Mamoswine one of the few Pokemon that resists the famous BoltBeam combination.

It's not all good news for Mamoswine though. It has a slew of weaknesses to common types including Fighting, Water, Grass and Steel. Furthermore, base 80 Speed often just isn't enough for the fast-paced Dream World metagame, and a weakness to common priority moves such as Mach Punch and Bullet Punch is unfortunate. However, don't let this put you off from using Mamoswine because it's a very powerful Pokemon and an excellent answer to fast and dangerous threats such as Garchomp, Dragonite and Thundurus that lurk the tier.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Attacker

Life Orb / Choice Band Thick Fat Adamant / Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Ice Shard
~ Icicle Crash
~ Earthquake
~ Stone Edge / Stealth Rock
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

This is the most straightforward and immediately threatening set that Mamoswine can run. Ice Shard is the main move on this set due to its sheer utility. A massive number of common Pokemon in the Dream World metagame are weak to it, including Garchomp, Dragonite, Salamence, Landorus, Thundurus, and Latios. Mamoswine can pick all of these Pokemon off at leisure, making it an excellent addition to teams that struggle with these fast and powerful offensive juggernauts. Icicle Crash is Mamoswine's secondary Ice-type move and is an excellent move to use against predicted switch-ins or Pokemon slower than Mamoswine or that can tank an Ice Shard such as Gliscor. Earthquake is Mamoswine's most powerful move, and it can comfortably 2HKO common switch ins such as Ferrothorn and Politoed. Stone Edge is the preferred move in the last slot, as it hits Pokemon such as Gyarados much harder than any of its other moves. However, Stealth Rock is also an option because Mamoswine can often rely solely on its STAB moves in order to achieve victory, and Stealth Rock provides great team support for offensive teams. Take note though that Mamoswine is neither particularly sturdy nor fast, meaning that it will often have to sacrifice itself in order to lay down the entry hazard.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Focus Sash Snow Cloak Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Endeavor
~ Ice Shard
~ Earthquake
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Although there aren't any "leads" in the strictest sense due to team preview, Mamoswine can still act as a dedicated Stealth Rock user. Thanks to its typing, Mamoswine's Focus Sash will not be broken by either sandstorm or hail, meaning that Mamoswine is practically guaranteed to both set up Stealth Rock and bring down an opponent slower than itself with the combination of Ice Shard and Endeavor. Stealth Rock is an excellent entry hazard that helps keep threatening Pokemon such as Chandelure, Dragonite, and Volcarona in check. Endeavor should be used against slower opponents that attack Mamoswine on the turn that it sets up Stealth Rock, bringing Mamoswine down to 1 HP, should its Focus Sash be activated. Ice Shard can then knock the opponent out before it can attack Mamoswine again, and Earthquake is an excellent STAB move to use if Mamoswine survives the first few turns of the battle.

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Other Options

Mamoswine has a fairly good movepool; however, it generally only has to rely on its STAB moves in order to defeat the opponent. Substitute springs to mind, as it effectively gives Mamoswine a safety blanket in order to unleash its attacks, and it is worth noting that Mamoswine can easily make 101 HP Substitutes by investing 160 EVs into HP. Curse is the only way Mamoswine can boost its Attack, and the Speed drop can be circumvented with Ice Shard. Rock Slide is a less powerful Rock-type move that Mamoswine has access to, but it has better accuracy than Stone Edge and a chance to flinch the opponent. Mamoswine also has a good special movepool, consisting of moves such as Ice Beam, Earth Power, and Hidden Power; however, Mamoswine's base 70 Special Attack leaves much to be desired. Instead, Mamoswine can opt to go mixed on a hail team by using Blizzard, which gives Mamoswine the ability to 2HKO Skarmory. Should Mamoswine be used on a hail team, then Snow Cloak is a fine choice for an ability, raising Mamoswine's evasion and possibly letting it fire off another attack. Thick Fat is generally preferred though, as it gives Mamoswine an extra resistance and a neutrality.

Checks and Counters

The best way to beat Mamoswine is by using physically defensive Pokemon that aren't weak to its attacks. Steel-types with Levitate or a secondary typing that grants them a neutrality or an immunity to Ground, such as Scizor, Skarmory and Bronzong, can switch into Mamoswine and bring it down with Bullet Punch or Gyro Ball, or simply set up on it. Bulky Water-types such as Gyarados, Manaphy, and Keldeo can smash through Mamoswine with their powerful STAB moves. The former can cut Mamoswine's Attack with Intimidate and proceed to set up Dragon Dances, and the latter two can immediately target Mamoswine's weaker Special Defense and knock it out with Surf or Hydro Pump. Chandelure can come in on Mamoswine's Ice-type moves and trap it, but it must beware unless it is a Choice Scarf or Air Balloon variant, as it shares the same base Speed as Mamoswine and runs the risk of losing the Speed tie.