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Jul 27, 2013
Nov 3, 2010
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    1. rubixlx0
      Originally Posted by Fat A__
      In response to your CMT, how about these 2:

      #396. Starly(★)
      OT: John | ID No.: 09623 | Gender: ♂
      Nature: Jolly | Ability: Keen Eye (Becomes Reckless)| Type: Normal-Flying
      Location: Unity Tower
      Hidden Power: N/A
      IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
      EV: UT | Level: 1
      Moves: Tackle|Growl|Roost|Double-Edge

      OT: John | ID No.: 09623 | Gender: ♂
      Nature: Calm| Ability: Natural Cure| Type: Grass-Poison
      Location: Pinwheel Forest
      Hidden Power: N/A
      IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
      EV: UT | Level: 1
      Moves: Absorb|Giga Drain|Spikes|
      Non Redis

      Hey the Starly you wanted is Adamant opposed to Jolly. Is this ok? If so, I'll do these two for the Skarmory and Rotom. Let me know.
    2. rubixlx0
      Hey are you still interested in a trade?
    3. Ebondragonx
      Alright, perhaps I'm remembering wrong. Thanks though :)
    4. Biosci
      I don't have it at as Fully Redis. I have it as Semi Redis, because well I looked at your thread and you didn't real list Redis rights from what I saw. So I just have it as Semi, if you don't want it on then I'll take it off.
    5. Ebondragonx
      Alright, thanks, because at the time I received it, it was labeled as fully redis (I checked).
    6. Joel
      Just wanted to check back in on your Shellos, and if you still wanted to trade for some credits.

      I have a few new things also, but they aren't updated to my thread yet.
    7. Pipemilo
      I also have a shaymin, latias, the 3 lake guys, eggmove pokemon and a giratina.
    8. Dimos
      Hi what qbout our trade now?
    9. Chill
      Thanks. And don't worry about the nickname thing. Stuff happens.
    10. Chill
      Wifi is acting screwy. One sec.
    11. Auron87
      Are we still going to trade Latias for Turtwig?
    12. Chill
      I asked for the nickname Jet...
    13. Chill
    14. Chill
      4th gen is fine.lets do this
    15. Metalex
      the synchronize lillipup? lol no problem I will release it anyway unless you need it back. And no problem on the Golduck thank you very much for the trade ^^
    16. King N
      King N
      Thanks then.
    17. King N
      King N
      Is it like wondercard RNG, but with trading required?
    18. Metalex
      Sorry about my awful Wi-Fi....I havent been on in a few days but im not sure why it sucks so much right now. I also needed the Golduck to be uncapped but it's okay :) I will head online on gen 5 now. White FC in sig.
    19. Metalex
      Alright here is my FC: 4985-7387-2297, I will head on and wait :)
    20. Chill
      It was the nick named latios. :p
    21. Chill
      Is our trade still on?
    22. Metalex
      Sure thing give me a few minutes aswell to clone everything and get the correct FC's :). And UT Golduck is fine ^^.
    23. Biosci
      I'll meet you in the room.
    24. Biosci
      Yeah on 5th Gen my FC is in my sig.
    25. Victini
      Thanks for the trade.
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