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Apr 24, 2013
Aug 29, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario


from Toronto, Ontario

acid_paradox was last seen:
Apr 24, 2013
    1. FakeGlory
      i can ou i know its been 15 min but my actual quote post was in lesser time
    2. Mulligan
      nah, it's OK. LMK if you want to do one afterwards.
    3. Mulligan
      You still wanna do 4th gen OU? I'm willing to.
    4. metalmulisha
      did u upload the video of me and u battling
    5. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      It happens. Same thing coming for me in January (college).
    6. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      What's up? o:
    7. Ragnar
      I've been looking for an Adamant Breloom, and was told to go to you. Kaphotics wanted me to give a link to his post for proof so you can see it. He told me you were the only person with Redis rights on it, which is why I'm mentioning it to you. Here's the post:


      You can choose any two Pokes from my thread in return for the Breloom. :)
    8. Syndrome
      Looks like I keep missing you :P
    9. -Lux-
      hey i got it :)
    10. -Lux-
    11. -Lux-
      it took me 3 hours to get on the delay >_<
    12. -Lux-
      Seed: 020302A7
      Delay: 602
      Second: 15
      Nature: Lonely
      Ivs: 30 / 29 / 30 / 31 / 30 / 30
    13. Syndrome
      Alright no problem :P So many options! xD I guess I'll take the Jolly Deoxys if that's alright :) When can you trade? (I'm in no rush)
    14. Syndrome
      Hello? Have you forgotten me? :P
      Btw, do you use a Poekmon game Emulator on the computer?
    15. Inevitable
      ghehe ok, thanks :)
    16. KarlMee1234
      Hey man, good luck with whatever your doing :)
    17. Inevitable
      Hey, just wondering if all the pokemon you send me are correct.

      It seems the larvitar is actually a shiny calm hp fire cresselia when I enter it in pokesav.

      You also gave me your 30/3/30/31/31/31 shiny shaymin which I cannot find on the list.
    18. Inevitable
    19. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      Alrighty, my e-mail is...well you already know now, lol.
    20. Bakus
      Hiyas acid_paradox, just wanted to say bestest of wishes on your future ventures. It's a shame that you're leaving - you (and SparkTehFuze) were awesomely kind to have that thread up. I know it's a pain to RNG for yourself but to do it for others was just awesome :)

      Anyways, I hope school goes well for you and you get into the UNI of your choice if you decide on going (and trust me...if you're Natural Science major...UNI is gonna be a buttload of hard work :P). Anyways, sorry for the spam but just felt like you deserved lots of these ^^
    21. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      Whoa, thanks a bundle! I won't let you down with them. :]

      Good luck in school.
    22. A e t h e r
      A e t h e r
      Edit: Disregard this; I just saw ghardy's post and you seem to have approved of it..
    23. ghardy
      Hey I think your giveaway is totally awesome, but i just have one question:
      Are we allowed to enter both topics for your giveaway?
    24. Syndrome
      Aww, looks like I didn't know abbout the ROM rule :P I guess I can't get it :(
      Could I get this for my one credit though? :)

      (Flawless Jolly Event)
    25. manav95
      hey I started this group called Magikrap in OU can you join
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