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Apr 13, 2012
Apr 10, 2012
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Apr 13, 2012
    1. Calm Pokemaster
      Calm Pokemaster
      ignore my VM please, Venkat told me only now that you know how to come on IRC =/
    2. Calm Pokemaster
      Calm Pokemaster
      Raghav here ... feel free to VM me [yeah, VMing is when you click my name and type in a message to appear on my profile] if you have any doubts about getting around the forums.

      As for talking with us on IRC, visit the mibbit website, and sign up first. Then, log in, and on the ''welcome to mibbit'' home page you see, select ''SynIRC'' from the dropdown list. After that, chose a nickname, type in ''#grammar,#thesmog'', and click Connect.
    3. adhityaa
      Could I have a link or something that directs me to the IRC ? I am new to this :)

      And am I VM-ing you now ?
    4. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      In the future, VM me, and don't post in your profile haha, so I know you said something.

      CAP ASB is a forum game based on the actual Pokemon games. It's much simpler to understand and play(I noticed you were looking at the threads about the standard metagame). Since you've played Vortex, I think you'd grasp the essentials of "buying" moves etc. more easily.

      If you want to get on IRC(where most of the discussion happens), drop me a line and I'll guide you through it.
    5. adhityaa
      what is this CAP ASB ?
    6. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      Yes I am who you think I am.

      Basically, this is a website where I hang out a lot. I'm working on a tool for CAP ASB. I plan to have it do my "refereeing" for me.

      Right now, my problem is, there are too many temporary statuses, which would lead to a large list of radio buttons. I'd like to know if it's possible to create a messagebox that pops up if you lick a button, where you can pick from all the other minor statuses.

      Oh, and if you could come to mibbit.com -> synirc server -> #capasb, it would be even better, since we can then talk real-time, though this system of communication is fine as well.
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