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  • Whoo! I made an account! This is MoSwag from the simulator-thing. Nice username I got, huh?

    It's all because of my 'people are lazy' theory: usually, even on large websites, most of the short, one-word usernames are untaken. Try it yourself!

    Anyway, I added you as my referrer, whatever that does for yah. Thanks again for the suggestions; I'm going to be playing this like an addict for a while!

    Also, my new simulator name is 'Entertainment'.
    My time zone is UTC+8, I can probably challenge him if i'm able to play earlier, i'll seriously try my best.
    What timezone are you even in? @_@ unless you're in Singapore or something it really shouldn't be too hard to find jonathanrp, he's in EST and has no life
    Hey! It's me, Professor Oak Jr. from Pokemon Showdown! We never got to battle huh? Too bad, we should meet up on PS! again sometime and battle! :D
    Thanks so much! Many people think I'm crazy for trying these gimmicks, but with the right input this gimmick could work. Feel free to try it out and make your own changes. Thanks again! :)
    I just want to give you props thinking of such a creative strategy (albeit it is gimmicky!). It's something that OU is lacking right now; outside of the box is sometimes frowned upon even if it is very effective.
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