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    1. dr00
      hey karous, i mean you know me, but i didn't want to post in your thread cos i don't have one, but i was wondering if you're interested in any of my aqua jet / belly drum marill spitbacks for one of yours (maybe klefki). i'll go in my boxes and give you some IVs of the better ones if you're interested in them.
      1. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        you should have posted on my facebook, i have flawless marill but you can have a klefki spitback for free. but i prefer fb contact at least for you :P
        Jan 5, 2014
    2. tennisace
      I ended up getting a 31/31/31/31/31/0 while breeding your Bergmite for giveaways, would you like it so you can have a 0 Spe option to breed with? I'll also tweet about your trade thread in a sec :)
      1. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        Oh wow, I didn't need a tweet, I greatly appreciate it! I actually traded for a 0 speed spitback so that is not necessary. Thanks so much :D
        Dec 31, 2013
      2. tennisace
        No problem! I have 0 IV speed mons because I lucked out catching a female wild Druddigon: it has the saddest IV's I've ever seen but with a perfect 0 in speed.
        Dec 31, 2013
    3. Dangerous
      Alright, thanks!
    4. anagnost
      I have a shiny honedge for you!! 5000 2244 4765
    5. TotallyNotMikey
      Hey hey! You have the SV for one of my eggs! Could you help a brother out and hatch it? Much appreciated!
      1. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        The last thing as you can see below didn't end well. My internet is pretty unreliable and it takes up more of my time than I'm willing to give, especially if there's an error on the other end. It's too much trouble for me, sorry.
        Nov 15, 2013
      2. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        Not meaning to be rude or an asshole, if you're willing to hold onto that egg for a couple of weeks, I can help you.
        Nov 15, 2013
      3. TotallyNotMikey
        Hmm, maybe. I'm in no rush.
        Nov 17, 2013
    6. Braverius
      Hey, I ended up getting a Pumpkaboo egg with your shiny ID. Any chance you could hatch it for me? I'd appreciate it!
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      2. Braverius
        Yeah I feel like an idiot now, you're right, almost 100% sure that I really did sent it elsewhere. I was sort of wondering "how the hell could I do that?" but, well...I managed to do that.

        I'm completely baffled as to how I managed to send it to another person (and they hilariously accepted my trade, never said a word to me about it- I cannot figure out who it was still)
        Nov 16, 2013
      3. Braverius
        Either way, hopefully the Pumpkin makes up for the mishap X_X again, my apologies for that.
        Nov 16, 2013
      4. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        It's ok. I'm sorry to hear about that. :( Better luck next time and pay attention to who you're trading with!
        Nov 16, 2013
    7. Celever
      1. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        Must've been an error in the forum software. I was addressing the OP, not you. >.<
        Oct 29, 2013
    8. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      Hi, just got up. x_x

      2 PST should be fine. Also, I'm totally booked Saturday.
    9. Hozu
      If you would be willing to breed a Modest east sea Shellos I would be glad to trade for it. Oh I forgot to say the ability but that should have been obvious (Storm Drain).

      btw I didn't realize this until recently but the Shellos form mechanics changed between 4th and 5th gen. In 5th gen if both parents are a Shellos/Gastro then it uses the form of the mother (no change from 4th). But if one parent is Ditto it uses the form of the Shellos/Gastro. In 4th gen doing that defaults to west sea form.
    10. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      I'll have to see since I get back from out of town late Thursday night, but given I'm in Eastern time, morning for you will be closer to afternoon for me, it could work.
    11. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      Hey-oK! We're paired up for Eevee Cup Round 3! The best times for me to get a match done are today and tomorrow or preferably Friday. I am out of town from Wed to Thurs this week.
    12. V4Victini
      Sorry about the delay my father tied me up with something for a bit. Coming on now
    13. V4Victini
      Just put in your FC and am about to head online
    14. V4Victini
      0647 5153 9500
    15. V4Victini
      Wrong? uh Im in the middle of a wild battle atm so I'll give it to you again in a sec.
    16. V4Victini
      Yea sorry I was out longer than expected today. Had a bunch of unexpected last mintue errands to run.
    17. V4Victini
      Define tonite. Ive been on the road most of the day and it looks like I'll be getting home in about 2 hours.
    18. V4Victini
      Yea. I have finals all week until Thursday afternoon my time though. So we can do it anytime after Thursday 5 PM GMT -5.
    19. V4Victini
      K, when can we battle in the Eve of Eevee tournament?
    20. seasidetrainer
      I can trade tonight if you're available.
    21. TheMantyke
      Howdy. I know you mean well, but please don't instruct moderators in your posts. If there's a troublesome user around, please just report them to a moderator and we'll handle the rest.
    22. Agonist
      Sorry for not getting back to you yet, but I'll have to wait for my sister to get back tonight so I can use her cart.
    23. Shii
      sorry :<<<<<<<<
    24. Shii
      I AM NOW. I was cooking dinner. ;-;
    25. Shii
      Cool :o
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