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Ty for all the teams frens :] Sep 1, 2016

    1. areuben

      I bring another LC team :) this is a bulky offense team with defensive woobat out of all things, worked pretty well in my testing.. hope you like it!
    2. Fraz
      Here is a Set-Up Stored Power Necrozma team if you wanted one for the upcoming showcase: http://pastebin.com/mvasC6Gg
      The set is hard to beat once you get rid of your opponent's Dark types. Definitely can use some proofreading/changes when it comes to walls and pivots (weak to Koko), but it's a pretty solid team if you play it right, which I know you could :]
    3. deformations
      banded alolan dugtrio team, using sand force


      banded alolan dug
      support starmie
      scarf lando
      screens lele
      modest mega venu
      ice beam ttar
    4. Metou
    5. areuben

      hey man, idk if you ever plan on doing any pokebank lc lives but here's a strong HO team based around magby and diglett! no new s&m tech but still very viable, hope you give it a try :)
    6. KickSnax
      -Donphan, hazards and phaze
      -Zard-Y, Wallbreaker
      -Komala, pivot, wish, hazard removal
      -Sylveon, Dragons and HP fire for steel types
      -Xurkitree, Sweeper
      -Alolan Muk, Tapu guard and item removal
      Pretty fun for a draft team. I'd like to make it more competitive because I like the basis of it. Any help would be appreciated. Try it out sometime though.
    7. MutantPolarBear
      This one is my first pokebank team so it is likely to be below average, but it sure was fun in testing. It's trick room LO alolan exeggcutor, taking advantage of exeggcutor's suprisingly awesome coverage. Other than that, its the usual suspects for trick room; marowak and crawdaunt for breaking, p2 and mimikyu for tr, and necrozma for lead rocks and room. http://pastebin.com/fzDrHgsp
    8. Akram
    9. 4ss
      The below team is based around the idea of a pokemon with high defenses to live any hit, low hp to leech tons of %hp from a leeching move, and high attack to deal tons of damage with the leeching move. Yveltal and Tapu Bulu are easily the best at this. You'll find these sets to last most of the battle, live big hits despite very little hp investment, and deal tons of damage.
    10. 4ss
      Ubers anti-meta BO team with AV Tapu Bulu, AV Yveltal, Scarf Lunala and Sub Solgaleo. I'm 35W/4L with this team.
      -Solgaleo outspeeds smeargle, checks Xerneas (75% to bulky)
      -Bulu counters all Kyogre sets and Arceus Water. EV'd to take a +2 Moonblast from Xerneas
      -Yveltal beats all other Yveltal that aren't toxic + roost
      -Lunala checks Ekiller, Mewtwo, deoxys. FB for Ekiller
    11. boxofkangaroos
      Here's a team I built around the core of AV Dhelmise + QD Volcarona. You can play around with the Dhelmise spread if you want, as it stands it outspeeds uninvested Alolan Marowak and Hippowdon. Scarf Rachi is pretty underrated this gen, but it's a really nice check to the Tapus. http://pastebin.com/eFiUQDDy
      1. boxofkangaroos
        Note: Also change the Jirachi to shiny in order to bluff a Z-Happy Hour set, since it must be shiny to use Happy Hour.
        Jan 3, 2017
    12. Hiro10%
      Ive been using this battle spot team.it has z me first pharamosa
      Which gives +2 speed and uses the z move for what ever attacking move u copy. U can change bounce for another move:) what would make the team better
    13. KingHydro KB
      KingHydro KB
      Yooo Joey hope u like this team it's a fun team i like to use im really good with it u can make changes if u want idc but here's the team http://pastebin.com/u70xguS0
    14. TheGreenRoman
      Aight Joey got a new and improved Comfey team here for you, CM set up sweeper variant. Check it out and use it at your own leisure :] http://pastebin.com/4LJ4is4h
    15. Professor Suicune
      Professor Suicune
      http://pastebin.com/tQChF50k peaked 1715 (#68) on SM OU ladder with this team. Mega metagross is a beast. You can discard the nicknames if you'd like. Enjoy!
    16. carlucio7
    17. DarkKittyKnight
      http://pastebin.com/STPa9FWi (OU) a team full of UB's, I call it "UB Perfect" It has standard sash nihilego, Bulky support buzzwole to weaken mons for scarfed xurkitree to sweep. Timid Kartana abuses speed boosts, modest guzzlord with some speed to outspeed min speed clef and primarina, and modest celesteela for an offensive presence.
    18. Volt-Turn
      http://pastebin.com/LVg0Yz7Q This is a cool pokebank OU team around your fav mon alolan marowak :] but its not sp def its max attack with 24 in speed to outspeed opposing marowaks with specs hydreigon to cover the weaknesses while building I realized the team was weak to topu koko so I added sp def mudsdale and LO jolteon, Phys def Topu fini as defog support and lastly SD mega scizor to help glue the team together
    19. PaitsMcSquaits
      Pokebank squad with Sp.Def Rest/Talk Contrary Lurantis and a trapping Golem to help it out! Empoleon 100% lives LO HJK from Phero and takes on Lele, and Memento Lati helps open paths for Lurantis/DD Lando. Nape works well as a fast revenge killer that handles the Steels that Lurantis and Golem cannot (i.e. Scizor/Ferro). The team isn't perfect, so feel free to make any improvements! :]
    20. MutantPolarBear
      Here's another one with Salazzle. I tried NP for a while, but Sub Disable just worked out better for me so that's what I'm sticking with. HP over SpA since you'll mostly click sub or toxic anyway. Sub up on attackers that ordinarily beat you, such as specs lele or toxapex, then disable them if that's their only move to hit you and let the venom spread :] http://pastebin.com/f3VWM8iP
    21. MutantPolarBear
      I think this was my hardest thing to build around yet, but here is a final product. The team consists of Quiver dance ribombee, which makes for an ok late game cleaner at +1 against offense if they don't have priority/scarf pheromosa to take the little bee out. Trap all steels and lure marowak to help ribombee and set up screens with espeon once they are clear to get it to do something http://pastebin.com/YmEpQCpv
    22. blueyellow
      hey joey. here's a cb tapu bulu team i made that you can use whenever you decide to do the tapu bulu showcase with pursuit mega metagross and specs magnezone to trap steel types. the team is weak with mega metagross. i used a rest talk marowak for longevity but i put an alternative set that works just fine. hope you enjoy the team. http://pastebin.com/3x9SgBVm
    23. Gen 7 Talonflame
      Gen 7 Talonflame
      Hey joey this is JakeOMusic, your twitch sub- a while back I said I'd make you some Gen 7 Doubles OU Teams and here's one of them that I think I'm finally done working on. It's Mega-Mence balance! Tapu fini and Jirachi are great partners for Mence. I'm finishing up a trick room one too and I'll pass you that one when I'm done too.

      Thanks for being awesome,

      Jake/Gen 7 Talonflame

    24. Mega porygon-z
      Mega porygon-z
      IF you decide to use salazzle or dhelmise in a show case use this squad. Mega sharpedo, sash HP ice salazzle, and AV dhelmise. Does pretty well but watch out for rain teams and people who never switch http://pastebin.com/H3bvyXEe
    25. El Coqui
      El Coqui
      (OU) Specs Lele is the wall-breaker, with scarfed Chomp to handle speedy threats (Fireblast for Celesteela). Tail Glow Xurk with Shuca so you can take most EQs. Mandi & Araq are a great defensive core, though watch for powerful Edges. Alolan Dug has Z-Memento to heal Xurk/Lele back up to full OR you can use Blackhole Eclipse to take out counter Leles after chip damage.
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