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Jun 11, 2010
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Ty for all the teams frens :] Sep 1, 2016

    1. KingHydro KB
      KingHydro KB
      Yooo Joey hope u like this team it's a fun team i like to use im really good with it u can make changes if u want idc but here's the team http://pastebin.com/u70xguS0
    2. TheGreenRoman
      Aight Joey got a new and improved Comfey team here for you, CM set up sweeper variant. Check it out and use it at your own leisure :] http://pastebin.com/4LJ4is4h
    3. Professor Suicune
      Professor Suicune
      http://pastebin.com/tQChF50k peaked 1715 (#68) on SM OU ladder with this team. Mega metagross is a beast. You can discard the nicknames if you'd like. Enjoy!
    4. carlucio7
    5. DarkKittyKnight
      http://pastebin.com/STPa9FWi (OU) a team full of UB's, I call it "UB Perfect" It has standard sash nihilego, Bulky support buzzwole to weaken mons for scarfed xurkitree to sweep. Timid Kartana abuses speed boosts, modest guzzlord with some speed to outspeed min speed clef and primarina, and modest celesteela for an offensive presence.
    6. Volt-Turn
      http://pastebin.com/LVg0Yz7Q This is a cool pokebank OU team around your fav mon alolan marowak :] but its not sp def its max attack with 24 in speed to outspeed opposing marowaks with specs hydreigon to cover the weaknesses while building I realized the team was weak to topu koko so I added sp def mudsdale and LO jolteon, Phys def Topu fini as defog support and lastly SD mega scizor to help glue the team together
    7. PaitsMcSquaits
      Pokebank squad with Sp.Def Rest/Talk Contrary Lurantis and a trapping Golem to help it out! Empoleon 100% lives LO HJK from Phero and takes on Lele, and Memento Lati helps open paths for Lurantis/DD Lando. Nape works well as a fast revenge killer that handles the Steels that Lurantis and Golem cannot (i.e. Scizor/Ferro). The team isn't perfect, so feel free to make any improvements! :]
    8. MutantPolarBear
      Here's another one with Salazzle. I tried NP for a while, but Sub Disable just worked out better for me so that's what I'm sticking with. HP over SpA since you'll mostly click sub or toxic anyway. Sub up on attackers that ordinarily beat you, such as specs lele or toxapex, then disable them if that's their only move to hit you and let the venom spread :] http://pastebin.com/f3VWM8iP
    9. MutantPolarBear
      I think this was my hardest thing to build around yet, but here is a final product. The team consists of Quiver dance ribombee, which makes for an ok late game cleaner at +1 against offense if they don't have priority/scarf pheromosa to take the little bee out. Trap all steels and lure marowak to help ribombee and set up screens with espeon once they are clear to get it to do something http://pastebin.com/YmEpQCpv
    10. blueyellow
      hey joey. here's a cb tapu bulu team i made that you can use whenever you decide to do the tapu bulu showcase with pursuit mega metagross and specs magnezone to trap steel types. the team is weak with mega metagross. i used a rest talk marowak for longevity but i put an alternative set that works just fine. hope you enjoy the team. http://pastebin.com/3x9SgBVm
    11. Gen 7 Talonflame
      Gen 7 Talonflame
      Hey joey this is JakeOMusic, your twitch sub- a while back I said I'd make you some Gen 7 Doubles OU Teams and here's one of them that I think I'm finally done working on. It's Mega-Mence balance! Tapu fini and Jirachi are great partners for Mence. I'm finishing up a trick room one too and I'll pass you that one when I'm done too.

      Thanks for being awesome,

      Jake/Gen 7 Talonflame

    12. Mega porygon-z
      Mega porygon-z
      IF you decide to use salazzle or dhelmise in a show case use this squad. Mega sharpedo, sash HP ice salazzle, and AV dhelmise. Does pretty well but watch out for rain teams and people who never switch http://pastebin.com/H3bvyXEe
    13. El Coqui
      El Coqui
      (OU) Specs Lele is the wall-breaker, with scarfed Chomp to handle speedy threats (Fireblast for Celesteela). Tail Glow Xurk with Shuca so you can take most EQs. Mandi & Araq are a great defensive core, though watch for powerful Edges. Alolan Dug has Z-Memento to heal Xurk/Lele back up to full OR you can use Blackhole Eclipse to take out counter Leles after chip damage.
    14. canusurvive
      Yo joey, made this team basically from scratch. its gotten me a good ways up the ladder. Feel free to use/make changes!

    15. -Latios-
      Here's a Shiinotic team! http://pastebin.com/JVhQkhLG
      Desc. in short: Threats are Fast Specs Primarina, Offensive Alolan Marowak, Offensive Slowbro in TR, and Mega Metagross when it flinches Skarm to death. The goal of this squad is to weaken the opposing team w/ your defensive mons and hazards for Pheromosa lategame. :]
    16. Lady Box
      Lady Box
    17. MutantPolarBear
      Tried to make a team with Alolem as the star. Instead, here he is in a support role for rocks and dealing with celesteela while specs tapu lele and buzzwole punch holes in the opposing team. Tentacruel offers t-spikes and spin and p2 is there just to wall http://pastebin.com/cNP9MhEv
    18. deformations
      heres a h/o team with 4 choicers.


      specs crobat
      scarf krook
      banded bulu
      rocky helm lando w hp ice
      lefties starmie twave ice beam
      scarf xurkitree w grass knot (the power)
    19. katssie
      Hey Joey, I think you might like this team with SD-pass Decidueye and Mega Sharpedo.
      It is my first Sun and Moon teambuild so it might not be that good.
      But i was having a lot of fun with it so i hope you can have too.
    20. exploudit
      Hey Joey!! Here's the that Scarf Hoopa-U team that I used against you in your 3AM Livestream today :] Even though you wont be using it on any of your lives, cuz you're showcasing the new mons, feel free to ladder with this team or use it in Livestreams or anything you want tbh. Also if you have any tips/improvements please PM me with your changes :]
    21. OpressedPanda
      Im sure there are pleanty of flaws.
      basically its banded Reli rain sweep. with LO DD mence to clean up if needed. Zone is for trapping Skarm or Cele. Persian i got from your video. The only mon that i wasnt quite sure of was Shinotiic I absolutely dont know what that mon is good for.
      I would appreciate feedback or any advice in general . you can message me on twitter at @PSaursrex :]
    22. El Biribon
      El Biribon
      hey joey, this a HO team featuring support Z-PS persian, sash cloyster and LO Oricorio-Sensu: http://pastebin.com/u4FAwL4U

      should be pretty self-explanatory, standard lead mamo, Phero and Koko for a fast volt-turn core, persian for massive support. LO oricorio hits respectably hard and gives the team key immunities. and cloyster is cloyster
    23. PaitsMcSquaits
      Happy belated birthday fren! :]
      Here's a cool team featuring speedy Banded Bewear, AV Lax, and Electric Silvally: http://pastebin.com/i2YPymDT
      Bewear can outspeed things such as Peli and most Specs Zones, and Lax avoids the 2hko from Specs Modest Lele
    24. Amaluna
      happy birthday dude
    25. kidusrox
      happy birthday bro :]
      spent some time building and testing this team and it's pretty fun.


      ash-gren w/extrasensory
      av gross w/enough speed for fini
      stomping tantrum alolan marowak w/ protect

      you protect on the switch to toxapex so it fails, and follow with tantrum. this team's really fun to use and also did well during my testing. maybe use it for heatah fajita or tweak it up if needed
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