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Jun 11, 2010
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Ty for all the teams frens :] Sep 1, 2016

      http://pastebin.com/fCW5dqpp OU Firium z Volcarona. Vey fun, volc sets up on almost half the meta. Havent seen you try volc yet so wanted to pass you this in hopes of you using it.
    2. blueyellow
      Hey joey. here's a team that i made with a choice scarf tapu bulu and a magnet tapu koko that you can use for either the bulu showcase or the koko showcase. weak to greninja and mamoswine. feel free to play around with metagross's coverage moves. hope you enjoy the team. :]
    3. CreamyGoodness
    4. Wizardry
      Doubles Trick room team I cooked up. Includes a round gimmick. Feel free to make adjustments if you want to. Muk has explosion to get Drampa and Noivern safely out at the same time late game.
      252+ SpA Choice Specs Drampa Round vs. 252 HP / 112+ SpD Cresselia: 220-259 (49.5 - 58.3%) -- 98.8% chance to 2HKO
    5. Soler
      Hey Joey :]
      Here´s a cool RU team I made using Darkinium Z Aerodatyl ( It´s like an SD + accuracy boost) http://pastebin.com/Na4zrsqg
      and paired it with DD Feraligart to help him sweep. Also it has a Lead Mesprit with Energy Ball and Iron Tail which helps it beat the common Swampert/Diancie leads
    6. Exploudit
      Joey, Here's a quick team a build with Tapu Bulu, realising you didnt showcase it yet, here's a simple team. It revolves either Tapu Bulu or Ash-Greninja weakening the opponents mons and Physical Koko or LO Latios cleaning at the end. hf with it and feel free to modify the team as you want. Here's the link: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8963785
    7. PaitsMcSquaits
      http://pastebin.com/0SWjPHGK Double Tapu+Smash Barbaracle :] Barb is a fun sweeper that can OHKO most with +2 ZMove. Koko and Bulu help set up the Barb sweep, or can sweep themselves after Barb. Hippo is the physical wall and rocker. Sand and Grassy Terr also help Barb set up on Sp.Atts and Grounds. Scizor gives the team hazard control, priority, and an answer to Lele, and Volc rounds out the weaknesses of the team
    8. This dude
      This dude
      Joey, I'm the guy who tweeted at you asking you to use type null: here's the team. Kinda weak to mega sharpedo and rina but venu can take fangs at full and mew takes like 60% from hydro pump and crunch http://pastebin.com/6JqbZcxK
    9. TheOPJellicent
      Joey I was wondering if you could showcase this Specs Silvally team. Specs Silvally isn't conventional but It does work when brought in with volt turn . Mega Metagross is the teams response to Tapu lele and can check fighting types such as Pheromosa as well as Tran, helping Silvally. The team is a little weak to Ash Greninja, however scarf Tapu lele checks it ^_^.http://pastebin.com/tRBzUh6D
    10. Emarnus
      Made you a bulky offense RU team. The main idea is silvally electric has a lot of utility to help slurpuff sweep with t-wave and parting shot. Alomomola and Bronzong form a defensive core which can provide wish and stealth rocks. Ive got roserade to weaken slurpuffs switchins and to setup spikes. Finally Scarf tyrantum for speed and more weakening of steel types that slurpuff cant break
    11. CobalionCouncil
      yo Joey, here's a cool offensive team for Pokebank OU I made, it's based around Ash Gren + Mag. Hope you enjoy the games with it; http://pastebin.com/8H014kZ2

      Here are some defensive calcs for Lando and Fini as well, so you know why they run that spread: http://pastebin.com/pqGzVmPp

      IDM Forever :]
    12. Acrillus
      Hey, made a team using part of your Alolan-Persian showcase team with specs Ash-Greninja and defensive Landorus-T: http://pastebin.com/SmBiGNE3
      Climbed to 1400 in Pokebank OU which is a first for me, would really be cool to see revisions you'd make to the team or how you'd play with it.
      Really enjoy your gameplay vids, thanks a whole bunch for getting me into Pokemon again :)
    13. Rarecandy27
      http://pastebin.com/RFFBcqaE PLEASE MAKE ROTOM-W A LATE GAME SETUP SWEEPER. Step 1: Set up z-rain dance. Step 2: Choose between rain-boosted Hydro Pump or 100% Thunder. GG fren. Love this vids man. Keep it up!
    14. EricHeRo
    15. ultraplayer
    16. SeisMcTossin
      Hey Joey, SeisMcTossin one of your twitch subs here, I was looking through the Z-Moves and I realised that Hoopa-Unbound has access to Z-Ally Switch, which gives you a plus 2 speed boost. I took your Toxapex showcase team with Mega Sharp and slapped Hoopa-U on it instead of Sharp. It'd be cool to see you using Z-Ally Switch Hoopa-U on a live, whether it's a showcase or a heatah fajita.
    17. TheFriedBri
      Hey Joey. I've had a lot of fun with this hail team that I made that eonx helped me out w/. give it a shot if you want to :]

      http://pastebin.com/v2tJaSs9 (rock slide is on sandslash for araquanid since the team is pretty weak to it, but you can change it to eq if you want)

      love the vids btw
    18. ultraplayer
    19. Poek
      sup man we're paired up for SPL, when do you wanna play
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Poek
        Thursday is fine :)
        Jan 8, 2017
      3. Poek
        something came up and i have to go at 1:30 pm so... if you're able to play a little bit earlier or like 4-5pm that'd be appreciated. If that doesn't work we can battle on friday i guess
        Jan 10, 2017
      4. aim
        Friday works if you can play like 1-3pm est still?
        Jan 11, 2017
    20. Count Riario
      Count Riario
      Yo Joey, I got a fun offensive SM RU team for ya, do with it what you will :]


      Crawdaunt, kyurem, z-venusaur are the main sweepers, have fun! ^^

      Made this team with John Cena by the way! :]
    21. Rarecandy27
      http://pastebin.com/KzagMhRU this got me to 1397 in RU until haxorus started running over me :/ Kebia Berry Togekiss could be used over Donphan if need be. But anyways, Araquanid takes on the Nidos, specs Swellow, Celebi, Chandelure, Entei with no stone edge, etc. Turtonator sets up best when your opponent wants rocks up. He can also OHKO suicune, slowbro, bulky Nidoqueen at +2 with devastating drake.
      1. Rarecandy27
        this also allows you to avoid the -2 from Draco meteor. Donphan is here to take on lucario, dance haxorus to an extent, honchkrow, etc. no rapid spin because the coverage is needed imo. Lucario destroys in this tier, absolutely ridonkulous. Jolteon hits a great speed tier here as well, feel free to sub out shadow ball for signal beam. Crobat is good because he can take a +2 sucker punch from mega absol, taunt SD lucario, taunt haxorus, taunt suicune, etc. support Crobat is made for this tier.
        Jan 7, 2017
    22. MeHerman
    23. Uwoodz03
      1. Uwoodz03
        Jan 6, 2017
    24. Paytoneo
      http://pastebin.com/iKWgaC8R Scarf Bulu, Curse Muk, and AV Dhel are featured in this squad! Bulu is a good revenge killer, and Grassy Terrain helps the rest of the team take on Ground types and gain recovery. Mag traps Steels for Bulu, and Entei gives the team strong priority. Dhel is a reliable spinner, and Swampert is a solid rocker to round out the team. Lefties are better if you'd prefer steady recovery on it :]
    25. Gnapalm
      1. Gnapalm
        important note: the tauros is running return instead of double edge because 33% recoil is too much
        Jan 5, 2017
      2. Gnapalm
        Important note 2: Tauros beats max def lando at +1 1v1 if you use Z-Fresh, +3 beats 1v1 without Z-Fresh.
        Jan 6, 2017
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