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Jun 11, 2010
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    1. Sweep
      Hello! We play for SPL. I am GMT -5 and am available from 10:00 P.M.-1:00A.M. during the weekdays and pretty much any time during the weekend. Do any of the following times work for you:

      Thursday: 10:30 P.M.-11:30P.M.

      Friday: 5:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.

      Sunday: 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. If you have another time in mind, let me know

      I'd also prefer to play on PS, either on the Smogon Tournament server or Orivexes.
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      2. Sweep
        Does Friday night work, since we are both available at that time? :D
        Jan 22, 2014
      3. Sweep
        err friday evening i mean, 5-7. I'd love to play then
        Jan 22, 2014
      4. aim
        yh sounds fine
        Jan 22, 2014
    2. High Impulse
      High Impulse
      ah nice joey :]
      1. aim
        Jan 18, 2014
    3. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Love your Youtube videos
      1. aim
        seriously? haha thanks man :]
        Jan 18, 2014
      2. Danilo
        they suk
        Jan 28, 2014
    4. Hideous
      hi, we're paired for the "once upon a team" tournament. I'm gmt+1 and I can play almost every day. when would you prefer to play?
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      2. aim
        hey i'm gmt -5 and i'm usually able to play between 12 and 3 pm my time. i usually hang around smogon irc on #spl
        Jan 11, 2014
      3. Hideous
        ok i'll be there at 1 pm (your time)
        Jan 12, 2014
      4. Hideous
        you can find me on #spl as hideous
        Jan 12, 2014
    5. Energy
      Bulky Zard X is nothing but a threat. God damn.
    6. august
      o my bad son i was catchin them sweet z's ill be on skype later
    7. Ojama
      when would you like to play for the UPL?
    8. undisputed
      where is your ass? i havent seen you in days man
    9. panamaxis
      I think you're getting your timezone calculations wrong cos you were vming me at 2am / 4.30am... I'll be around idling on irc today and tomorrow (probs not during the night but day / afternooon at least). For reference the time now is 10:05am
    10. Megan_Fox
      well i logged on now but lol dont play anymore. probably will try again in gen 6 lol
    11. panamaxis
      i'm +10, friday I'm free all morning + arvo (not night), fairly flexible on weekends too if I get some notice in advance. Does friday work for you, either way let me know
    12. Haxxhatred
      Plz come on battle finder :)
    13. shiizy14
      Do you wanna battle an tier except ubers
    14. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i may have the higher win % but i think you definitely read me better than i read you. are you gonna try for a top 16 tour spot this season? cuz you can definitely make it hehe. i can help you with your adv, you seem good at dpp already and bw is easy.
    15. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      yeah right, so you can kick my ass in tour 15? :|
    16. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      that's super impressive. guess i don't give you enough credit.
    17. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      never said ggs, but they were. if i had let tran die and gone to zapdos on rotom in game 1, then used agility, i woulda won, but i fucked it up as usual lol. regardless, holy shit you played great in game 3. i have to ask, was the eq on skarm predicting roost? or did you actually predict me to scout for fire blast and switch back to tran o.o
    18. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      i'm on po imp channel as "stone infractor eo"
    19. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      lol my power went out...woops

      guess we'll finish this series up later
    20. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      we should fight sometime today
    21. HeIIraiser
    22. HeIIraiser
      hey, you were not on in the time I said I would be back. ?__?
      try to get on in like 6 hours for us to DS play.cry
    23. Kidogo
      also im gmt-8 btw, what time zone are you?
    24. Kidogo
      sure, are you still good to play?
    25. Kidogo
      I just found out I have a change in plans, I'm going to be away thursday/early friday. Would you be good to play tomorrow (wednesday) instead? If not, what about friday night or some time on the weekend?
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