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Jun 4, 2005
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Jul 15, 1989 (Age: 28)
gutters of manchester
    1. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Happy Birthday!
    2. Nosferalto
      since i changed my name, i dont really want to come back to Nosferalto, I'm torn between 'SaberToothSuarez' and ' LordJamieOfCarragher'. which one is better?
    3. Matthew
      I wouldn't expect it any other way
    4. Matthew
      Except those black panties I hope
    5. Matthew
      I'll wear those tight pants of mine if you don't wear nothing
    6. Luduan
      by the way, if i make my way across the ocean in spring or summer 2012, i am going to force you to show me around! or at least have lunch with me or something. ok? ok.
    7. Lee
      promise me now that if Swansea come up we'll go to their match at St James!
    8. Luduan
    9. Lee
      still planning on coming up for the 22nd?
    10. Lee
      ok, looking like WBA now. i wish i had a better excuse than 'i spent the designated ticket money at the pub' but unfortunately...i don't. curse you hot weather luring me to beer gardens. :(
    11. Lee
      Sure you still wanna watch us after yesterdays borefest? Birmingham tickets go on general sale on Saturday so I'll try to pick them up then...don't sort out any travel until I can confirm though ok!
    12. Morm
      Phantasia has asked me to ask you to check your email. He sent a message and wants you to check.
    13. Lady Salamence
    14. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Nice custom title.
    15. Nosferalto
      good posts in the football thread dude.
    16. Lee
      Phew, less pressure on me to be good company then haha. Will get the tickets next week...any preference between Birmingham or WBA? Might be nice to see the Baggies go down hehe.
    17. Lee
      So soon? I thought this was gonna be one of those 'maybe someday' arrangements heh. But yeah, I could do WBA or Birmingham (should be fun to boo Bowyer, Carr and Martins) but I hope you're not coming all the way up here for my benefit - you do have other reasons to be here, right?
    18. Lee
      omg I really hope Swansea cone up because that would be a perfect match for us to go to!
    19. Lee
      I was thinking the exact same thing tbqh!
    20. Lee
      I most certainly do! Looking forward to it.
    21. monkfish
      i actually did. didnt see the albino though. they were feeding the seals and making them do tricks, it was great
    22. Bartman101
      And it's Bolton Wanderers. Bolton Wanderers F.C.

      Just saying.

      Yeah, that's right, even though I'm from Manchester (Bury area (pronounced 'Berry')) I support Bolton, and who's gona win the FA Cup?

      Well, we were going to until our star USA international midfielder got killed by some manure centre-back.

      And Liverpool suck.

      Andy Carroll= worth about as much as Chung-yong Lee or Gary Cahill.
      Andy Carroll= glug, glug.

      Have a nice evenin'.
    23. Doomsday94
      I doubt it, one of them will get an auto-promote slot, so the other may get the play-off spot. That would be brilliant, South Wales Derby played in the Premiership. Show some real passion (and violence)
    24. Doomsday94
      That was a great interview.
      If I go to a game, I tend to go to Newport County, £6 to get in and I'm a local supporter. Though in a few weeks I am going to watch Cardiff vs Burnly in the 'Lego Stadium'. Do you get a chance to watch the Jacks much?
    25. Doomsday94
      Not a full one, I support them as they are fairly local, but not as local as Newport County. I, like you, am a Liverpool fan mainly, though this season has been dire.
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    Jul 15, 1989 (Age: 28)
    gutters of manchester
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