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Nov 4, 2013
Mar 5, 2010
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    1. _Nape95
      what ?:S
      i just need it
    2. _Nape95
      when can you trade ?
      vm me please
    3. Albion
      I dont understand. Im finding what i want in their threads, and asking them to look in my threads to make an offer. Just doing what everyone else is doing in their posts.
    4. acetrainerzx
      SERIOUSLY, people will tell you to GTFO if you don't stop...
      Try targetting the "noobier" Topics...
    5. Albion
      Umm.....I havent.........
    6. acetrainerzx
      One more advice, don't ask for CMTs randomly...
    7. Albion
      um wat i've put makes sense.............
    8. acetrainerzx
      LOL epic fail you should say "I owe ace 10 credit" instead of I owe you, own and owe are quite different things...
    9. acetrainerzx
      Remember to credit their original owners. ESPECIALLY MINE. Oh you should know you are the first to get my Regirock! Seeya
    10. acetrainerzx
      By the mean of advertising my Pokes I want you to advertise the perfect ones... Not those flawed trash I made pre-RNG...
    11. acetrainerzx
      Nah no one would want mine... Take MAtt's I thought you would bring 6 junks...
      Remember you owe me 10 credits, brudda...
      Have fun with your thread! You have to remake it so it looks presentable
    12. acetrainerzx
      Oh, trading hacks WITHOUT your knowledge will also cause indesirable results
    13. acetrainerzx
      Which ape you want? Mine or MAttJ's HP Ice ? Matt's is more superior than mine
    14. acetrainerzx
      That's just an example, that Regirock is full Redis.
      Going online with 5 more, I have 2 Shiny Apes so I don't know which one you want...
    15. acetrainerzx
      Yes, FULLY redis too.sometimes people will give seme redistribution rights, for example you got the Regirock from me, you may trade it but the one who got it for you MAY NOT
    16. acetrainerzx
      OK OK... You have weird taste... No one would want that... Guess you want to keep it for yourself huh?
    17. acetrainerzx
      A few more things to tell you: Break ANY rules will send you to hell... uhh Blacklist,
      this includes redistributing non redis stuff, HACKING and crap like that... Be cautious D:
    18. acetrainerzx
      'Scuse me? You got the Machamp... Try help me advertise my pokes =)
    19. acetrainerzx
      Credits are like money, usually both side keeps track of them but in this case... You should keep track of them in your thread... Most of the time i credit worth 1 poke
    20. acetrainerzx
      Hey I guess I will give you 6 more... At cost of another 6 credits! I won't mind this!
    21. acetrainerzx
      There's nothing that need to be done, just bring junks and I will trade you your stuff, job done
    22. acetrainerzx
      The fact is: They are considered as trade fodders-JUNKS and their only value is for Dex filling and breeding...
    23. acetrainerzx
      One more thing, if you are serious on trading here... REMOVE EVERYTHING in your thread except those which are worthy, like mine.... With those pokes I give you it would be enough to operate here!
    24. acetrainerzx
      YOU HAVE TO PUT THEM ON YOUR THREAD or no one will trade with you, seriously, take a look around... EVERYONE have perfect IVs and your pitiful little thread won't stand a chance! Just take note of which Pokemon may be redistributed and which may not, when you have no ideas, ask their owners. Oh when you are trading someone else's stuff. you have to put the name of their owner is.

      BTW this is not actually a place for casual trades... Try gamefaqs or serebii if you are just filling your dex...
    25. acetrainerzx
      NOnono I won't mind at all! I can give you all of them, but no extra clones, only one of each! Seeing most traders here can clone, it's won't be a big problem =) I will give you the Regirock I caught just now as bonus.
      Oh please keep in mind that not every Poke you got in a trade in this place can be traded, some of those stingy dude won't share their stuff with everyone.
      In my case, EVERYTHING in my thread are fully reditributable
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