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Last Activity:
Jan 12, 2011
Jan 1, 2011
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from Australia

Anarchyz was last seen:
Jan 12, 2011
    1. 06harrisj
      Hi! Can you trade me your Kyogre yet, or are you still waiting on your friend? Oh, and do you want to OU at some point? Please PM me when you get this.
    2. bharmalm
      wanna OU?
      im very bad :S
    3. Kur0ki_s3npuu
      sure thing. I'll meet you in.
    4. 06harrisj
      Thanks a lot =-) Do I need its orb, or just the pokemon?
      Blastoise and Umbreon? Cool =-) It's strange how I've managed to completely smash some OU teams with my current team, but your three UUs annoy me to no end! LOL Thanks God for SR =-) Oh, and can I please ask how your Umbreon can be both so physically and specially defensive? I would have thought it couldn't be both.
    5. Anarchyz
      oh and btw, the only pokemon in my desired team from the battle we just played were blastoise and umbreon haha :), rematch when we both get our teams sorted, should be sweet.
    6. Anarchyz
      i'll let you borrow my kyogre after I get my rayquaza from my friend if you want, (I have HG he has SS), :).
    7. 06harrisj
      =-( Would you be willing to do it if I could find somebody who could clone for us? lol sorry for pestering you. I look forward to battling you some other time!
    8. Anarchyz
      um, unfortuanetly not, accept my FR and we'll rebattle sometime
    9. 06harrisj
      Crap. I hate stall wars lol, especially as it isn't unheard of for my router to decide to DC. Did you get my other PM? Do you know anybody who could clone your Kyogre/my Groudon so we could get Rayquazas?
    10. Anarchyz
      yeah man haha, it only has 5 pp, going to give it pp max now mwhuaaha :)
    11. 06harrisj
      That was rediculously close! I can't believe I managed to get a draw from that! Amazing game =-) I can't believe that result. Do you want another battle at some other time, to get a more definate result? I have a couple of pokemon I'm going to be testing soon, and I might add them to my team.
    12. 06harrisj
      Hi! i see you have HG? Is there any chance you could clone your Kyogre so I could get a Rayquaza?
    13. jhay
      hey lets battle... standard OU rule...HGFC 0904-8624-5542
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    My HG Friend Code is: 2107 6044 0515​
    PM me if you want to organise a battle, thanks!​


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    2107 6044 0515
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