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Last Activity:
Feb 11, 2016 at 5:46 PM
Feb 17, 2010
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from DC Metro Area

is a Battle Server Administratoris a Programmeris a Super Moderatoris a Community Contributor
Official Data Miner
Antar was last seen:
Viewing thread Forme names in teambuilder and battles in PS, Feb 11, 2016 at 5:46 PM
    1. The4gotNdeath
      Antar!!! Man I am desperately craving some uploads on your channel since PMP is on hold again. Hope to see you use Mick in gen6.
    2. BAP Blackjack
      BAP Blackjack
      Hi, I'm new. I'd just like to know how to make something like Private Messages with another member. Is it the option labeled: "Start a Conversation" when I click on the member's avatar?
      1. Antar
        Yes. "Start a conversation" is the new PM.
        Aug 16, 2013
      2. BAP Blackjack
        BAP Blackjack
        Aug 17, 2013
    3. ryan
      You're ok! It's a lot of stuff, and I appreciate the fast response. :)
    4. ThePokemonmaster14
      Hey, long time no talk haha. How have you been?
      1. Antar
        Hey! Long time indeed! The short answer is busy.
        Aug 13, 2013
      2. ThePokemonmaster14
        Yea same, am starting college and such in a few months. Have gotten back into Pokemon though, cant wait for X and Y.
        Aug 13, 2013
    5. Theorymon
      If it means much, I've been wanting to shut down the Ubers Extreme Challenge thread for a while, but was worried about the back lash. Your post just made me grow a pair and do the deed. I guess for now on, maybe I should be a bit more confident in my decisions, thanks for making me realize that!
      1. Antar
        It doesn't matter to me at all--Ubers statistics aren't used in tiering. My only gripe is when people complain that our system is broken when they're the ones that broke it.
        Aug 12, 2013
      2. Theorymon
        Oh I know it isn't a problem with tierng at all. But I still think it harmed the integrity of Ubers stats, which I still think is a serious problem!
        Aug 12, 2013
    6. Brap
      What have you recieved a doctorate in?
      1. Antar
        Aug 12, 2013
    7. Furai
      Are the individual metagame stats gonna happen? o:
      1. Antar
        Remind me what you mean by that? (Send me PM)
        Aug 10, 2013
      2. Antar
        Just figured out what you meant. Yes, they're going to happen. But there's a good amount of time till Sept. 1 (though I might have a demo up earlier).
        Aug 11, 2013
      3. Furai
        Sweet, thanks Antar!
        Aug 11, 2013
    8. Ciele
      I only ever had them stored on Pastebin, I'm afraid. A lot of them were pasted by the players themselves and then given to me.
      1. Antar
        I see. Ah well--maybe I'll figure out a way to script getting them pulled.
        Aug 7, 2013
    9. Joim
      Hi there, Antar! If possible, as soon as you have the total battles from Doubles, can you tell me the number? It'd be great and I will thank you a thousand times :>
    10. migzoo
      Hey Antar, I PM'ed you on Youtube with a suggested change to the Stalliness/Bias stat calculation with Trick Room teams, let me know what you think.
    11. Im Skalayle
      Im Skalayle
      What exactly is your avatar?
    12. Princess Bubblegum
      Princess Bubblegum
      hey do you know about x-acts old defense calculator? it seems to have been deleted in the server move and I wonder if anyone still has the code or whatever to bring it back up
    13. OrangeVendetta
      I have a female dw shroomish for trade. Do you need one? I need a handful of stuff so I'll trade for almost anything. Thanks.
    14. Nesquik76
      i sent you a message
    15. Nesquik76
      thanks, I feel like it would of ended up better if no legends were a rule, but i had fun anyway. I don't battle much online but I've completed my National Pokedex on B, W, and W2. I can gladly trade you a pokemon you want, just tell me nature, EVs, level, what moves, and item.
    16. Nesquik76
      gg. i probably shouldn't tell my pokemon for now on.
    17. Nesquik76
      I honostly saw that coming
    18. Nesquik76
      ok, I'm back in
    19. Nesquik76
      can you what a bit i for got something
    20. Nesquik76
      blaziken, excadrill, dragonite, tyranitar, gliscor, and ferrothorn
    21. Nesquik76
      GG to you too, but if it's ok with you i'd like to face you using non legends, you can still you legendaries though.
    22. Nesquik76
      is it okay if i face you with my non legend team anyway
    23. Nesquik76
      yeah but no videos, just so I can comment, like, and subscribe, why?
    24. Nesquik76
    25. Antar
      0734-4152-5478. And yours?
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