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Jan 12, 2013
Mar 24, 2011
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New Jersey


from New Jersey

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Jan 12, 2013
    1. TheMantyke
      On the contrary, I should be apologizing for such sluggish execution of your request despite your remarkable courtesy. However, you're welcome for the Pokemon, whoop some butt in your regional!
    2. TheMantyke
      I'll get on right now. Thanks for being so patient!
    3. TheMantyke
      Alright, ready to rock! I'll be on wifi in a bit with your requests.
    4. TheMantyke
      Hi! Sorry, I've been a bit busy lately. I'll be open later tonight to trade. Will you be open later tonight at all?
    5. Agonist
      Do you need your Tyranitar to be from Gen 4 (for Low Kick), or is it allright be from Gen 5?
    6. PoJ
      No problem, I love helping out!

      I don't really trade anymore because there's very few Pokemon that I can't RNG myself, so I just have a reference thread. But if I did have a trade thread I would offer my Pokemon to any VGC go-er for free. I just like helping out :]
    7. PoJ
      Yeah, too much practice never hurts!

      Btw, if you do decide to make changes to your team and need a Pokemon, take a look at my thread (Link in sig.) and you can pick anything from there :D
    8. PoJ
      Yay! If you're going again in Spring I'm sure you'll do much better :D Maybe practice a bit on the PO server and make any changes you think should be made.
    9. PoJ
      Aww :(

      Well I'm so glad I was able to let you use the team you wanted to, and I'm always happy to know my Pokemon are being used at the VGCs. Plus, 3 losses doesn't sound that bad to me. I would've probably lost every single match xD

      Does that mean you're eliminated, though? :(
    10. PoJ
      Don't worry about it, I felt the need to help since it would've been terrible if you went to VGC with a missing team member! Good luck :D
    11. PoJ
      I hope my Latios serves you well! :D
    12. PoJ
      I'm getting out of wifi then going back in. That usually fixes it :P
    13. PoJ
      Lol that's ok xD

      I'll register that and get back on :)
    14. PoJ
      That's ok :)

      I hope you have time to EV and level it to 100 before Sunday xD

      Btw, it is shiny, caught by myself on my SS cart. If you want to trade it to anyone, you just have to give me credit but whoever gets it from you can't trade it :)
    15. PoJ
      I'm on wifi now :)
    16. PoJ
      Yes I can!

      You don't mind the name in caps, right? I never uncapped the name for the UT version.

      I'll get on wifi in a couple minutes :)
    17. PoJ
      I'll message you if I see you online :)
    18. PoJ
      That's ok, I was willing to wait :)

      Tomorrow when I get back from school I'll look for you online! I should be on around this time as well.
    19. PoJ
      Ok I'm getting on wifi now!

      Let me know if you get it working :3
    20. PoJ
      Err, keep trying, I really want to get Latios to you now because you'll need it!

      Btw, the UT Latios comes at Lv. 35. Do you want me to Rare Candy it a few levels?

      I also need your FC.
    21. PoJ

      Nevermind, let's trade now! I don't want you to have no Latios D:

      My FC is 5114 5368 7270, I'll be on in a few minutes. :D
    22. PoJ
      No problem :D

      Is it ok if we trade tomorrow? I have homework and it's kind of late here, but I will be able to trade tomorrow when I get back from school.
    23. PoJ
      You can have it for free :)

      Ok! I have Latios on 5th and 4th gen. I'm assuming you want it on 5th?

      Btw, the IVs are 31/31/30/30/31/30 , so they are still HP Fire 70, but there's a 30 in def. I hope that's ok.
    24. PoJ
      I can help you out with the Latios you need. Do you want UT or EVd (252 SpA/252 Spe/6 HP)? The EVd one has: Draco Meteor or Trick/Dragon Pulse or Trick/Hidden Power Fire 70/ Surf but I can change the moveset if you want :)
    25. tikidude
      Aww. Don't have Latios... :(
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