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  • u did not log out... man so sad. you lost and now instead of taking the lose, you search the reason for this somewhere else.
    just be a sportsman ...
    man 10 minutes. i will not hang around 60 minutes on showdown, on a sundy which i want to spend with my friends family. it is already very unpolite to sit on the computer!
    ten minutes or no fight, and we will let the tour operaters decide!
    Sorry, today i´m at my girlfriends house!
    this stuff happens when u are never online, and wait until the last day!
    so not feeling good to day?
    u know i really dislike chasing you... if you do not really want to do our battles let you sub man...
    So genesect is banned, hope you read that;)
    what about battling todays afternooon maybe?
    You are sure that you dont take this to serious?^^
    i guess you prefer pokemon showdown? i wouldnt mind po though.
    Just tell me, when you finished your bootcamp and are able to play against me :P
    Ah ok no problem, i prefer evenings, let´s say in a couple of days? like sunday, or monday?
    Hey there, we are paired for the official smogon tour.
    My timezone is gmt +1. Ur´s?
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