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Mar 24, 2011
Aug 6, 2009
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Apocalypse_ZLS was last seen:
Mar 24, 2011
    1. Defense
      For your return, I say a hearty hello from me :D
    2. Defense
      Still missing ya budz. Good Luck with life and maybe I'll see you soon eh?
    3. Defense
      I've chosen a collage and I'm taking Level 3 media studies, 2 years of fun basically xD
      It's going to be one hell of a ride, and the same goes for you, since you've chosen to do some pretty solid stuff xD. It would be awesome to see you on TV in a few years and see you are the greatest mind the world has ever seen. Even better if I was filming you as well xD
      Black is going great for me, I'm just having fun with my friends on it. Gotta say I love the Ghost / Water type as a male, cus he looks like the Pringles guy :D
      It'd be great to get your Pokemon, and since I won't have an AR again till June (White screens of death) it would be great timing.
      I only have 3 Pokemon of my own that I've RNG'd myself, but if you wanted them as keepsakes, then I'd be glad to help :D
    4. Defense
      (continued from last post)
      Well, you may think I don't need the luck, but it goes a hell of a long way coming from you. Thanks man, I wish you same and much more.
      Until next time,
    5. Defense
      Hell trap...that made me lol.
      It's been a long ol' run us guys had, and I am going to miss you madly. If I ever hear from Shella, I will let you know so, if you do if check back here, maybe we could all chat again.
      Shella with a bf? I mean, I have a gf but I still find time for all this, albeit it is getting harder and harder to do. Homework, gf, family, friends, rugby...loads to do.
      What are you planning to do in your future? I'm thinking of studying Media in Collage, and will probably go into the filming side of things.
      With regards to your Pokemon, If you want me to get them out, I will. They are all Smogon has left of you now right? Shella kept on trading them until the end...she was a good person. Always believed that even in the crowd of users here, your Pokemon would stand out. If I get some of your Pokemon, I'm going to do that, for both yours and Shella's memory.
    6. Defense
      If you can reply back, then what did you dig up on Shella leaving?
    7. Defense
      It's good to see you are still alright mate :) Shella...I miss her, we used to have all sorts of awesome convo's and what-not. Ah well...as for Pokemon, I'm losing interest too. I mean, I hardly ever battle competitively any more and tbh, school has absorbed my life as well.
      Anyways, it's great to hear that you are ok. It's a shame that only a small amount of people have your old pokemon though :/ You were a great RNGer.
      Sole survivor...that made me lol. Just barely, girlfriend, school and family have all been a handfull to juggle :P But I'm managing.
      It's really perked me up that you are ok and have written back :)
      I hope you the best in life, and if we don't talk again, I wish you farewell and a great life.
      Defense (aka. Ryan)
    8. Defense
      I've never forgotten you man. You or Shella. You both helped me when I was a noob. :)
      Anyways, Horrible memories? And seriously, its good to have you back
    9. Defense
      Oh my god...your...your ALIVE?!?
      Man its good to see you are ok :)
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