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  • Checks out. Also, I apologize for my recent absence. I've had a lot on my hands lately.
    I seem to be unable to PM you, so I can't exactly PM my reason for wanting to join "Grammar Nazis" to you. Instead, I shall state it in the VM section. I would like to join the Grammar Nazis for two reasons. One is that it would be quite ironic for someone who is basically named after Fawful from the "Mario and Luigi" series to be part of your group since he has horrid grammar. The second reason is because I am seen constantly criticizing people's grammar in various forums.
    Welcome to Team Rocket Corporation.
    I can see one of my Executives I sent got you to join.
    Thanks and feel free to post any time.
    Wana join Team Rocket Corp? (also known as TRC.)
    We could use somebody like you with excellent Grammar skills, and Good leadership.
    TRC is expanding, and continuing to do so at a rate of a runaway subway near completion.
    Help us takeover the Web by joining Team Rocket Corp. And Help us anyway you can for global domination.

    Team Rocket Corp. Executive_____________________Proto Man
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