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improsin + bapongbas gg,,,,,,, 18, from Pennsylvania

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Apr 23, 2014 at 2:28 AM
    1. Sciztar
      I sent you a PM
    2. gr8astard
      hi if you're still online right now come find me on irc, otherwise we can play on thursday or after. just /query me, if im online i'd be on there most of the time
    3. gr8astard
      hi i just got home, let me know when u can play today
    4. The Eevee General
      The Eevee General
      Do you think it will even matter, i.e. will it get used? I'm still trying to figure out stall's role in that OM. With everything running Technician, helpful abilities like Natural Cure, Poison Heal, Intimidate, Water Absorb are void, so it looks pretty offensive. Then again with no moves with a BP at or over 100, you can't get the power of something like say, Close Combat, to really break stuff apart. That's why I'm wondering if Seismic Toss/Night Shade will matter. Will they be needed as pseudo-Unaware attacks for bulkymons, or are bulkymons just not relevant?
    5. gr8astard
      alright sounds good to me
    6. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      it was a joke did they not get it
    7. gr8astard
      when do you wanna play for the metagame tweak? i'm gmt -4
    8. TCR
      hey artic, can i get your final opinion on my team? id like to know if there are any final changes, such as ev spreads and whatnot before i post a rmt. it really helped when we talked on PS, the golurk suggestion was great.
    9. Goddess Briyella
    10. simsims2800
      Hey Arcticblast. I would like you to approve an OM. This OM is called "TechniciMons" and, obviously, gives everything Technician instead of its other abilities. But it has a twist: every move with a base power in triple digits (100+) is banned. A few moves are given to Pokemon to make up for the large movepool losses, however. It seems to be hyper offensive and fun! Please approve it!

    11. Goddess Briyella
    12. Lady Alex
      Lady Alex
      On second thought, it is kind of adorable....
    13. Lady Alex
      Lady Alex
      It only has room for the adorable fairies =/
    14. Soul Fly
      Soul Fly
      Is that about the 3 month old skill v/s luck thread which got necro'd recently?

      Then my answer would be

      "nowadays yes"
      My PC has a smallish screen and the old interface almost completely hid the lobby chat (and the /rank call displays only on lobby chat) so it was just too much of a bother during laddering where we are chain matchmaking. And my point about irrational play and general poor ladder quality stands.
    15. Agent Gibbs
      Agent Gibbs
      Huh, well that's a real shame. I actually enjoyed that ladder. All the same, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
    16. gr8astard
      hi when do you wanna play for the metagame tweak?
    17. Issues
      How about that badge tango blast
    18. Goddess Briyella
      Goddess Briyella
      Is PS down now ? :[

      It won't let me on
    19. Treecko
    20. Oglemi
      it's what i do 9.9
    21. Fabbles
      Thank you for deleting my double post - don't know what happened there!
    22. Magcargo 2
    23. Zarel
      I admit nothing.
    24. BlankZero
      Thanks. :3
    25. Molk
      yeah i figured after seeing that it was on the known bugs list that there was some problem with fixing it up lol. I actually felt really, really silly for being so impulsive on posting it and not bothering to see if it already had been posted or not X___X.

      I hope the PS programmers dont think i'm dickish or anything for bringing it up :s.
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    May 14, 1995 (Age: 18)
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