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  • you don't have any UU pokes? We can both just through a random six UU together and have a match nothin to serious
    yeah damn that just sucks for me, and I played bad with snorlax I was worried about your scizor switch in and that the banded superpower would kill so I got greedy. I should've just went for the rest
    yeah that also pissed me off cause I'm the kind of person that hax hates and I definitely would've been hit with confusion...but NOO! so many things could've went differently with that game lol
    wtf kind of set did you have for that dragonite and that magma storm miss just lost me that game but yeah gg
    alright cool, i will try to catch you online, i want to know how the battle wouldve ended, later
    what threw me off was the "ahhh" since its text i dont know what kind of "ah" it was meant to be, i just assumed it was meant in a blaming way, but as i said thats just me, sorry for assuming wrong it was an accident.
    yes i am a native english speaker
    seemed like a blame, but thats just me, alright another time, see you around
    gg, smart move on bluffing the earthquake, and i forgot what endeavor does Dx
    one of the bare survival was lucky but the other was based on damage cal. but the battle was indeed fun. Pokemon battles are supposed to be fun, not too competitive
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