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May 22, 2015 at 5:32 PM
Nov 25, 2007
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Mar 6, 1994 (Age: 21)
when i'm feeling like a leopard


spring keeps you ever close, Female, 21, from when i'm feeling like a leopard

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should have realized this a while ago, don't really have the time or motivation for this anymore May 1, 2014

august was last seen:
May 22, 2015 at 5:32 PM
    1. polop
      Hello August we are paired up for a match in the Ubers Open! What's your GMT and when can you battle? Mines is GMT -5, and I should be able to battle anyday from 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM.
    2. DarkAbyss
      i come for you in ur sleep bich. nowhere to hide. august burns red
      1. aerialace TM40
        aerialace TM40
        fite irl,,,FITE FITE FITE FITE FITE FITE
        Sep 4, 2013
    3. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      this room needs rice
    4. Froggy
      Hey when the game is over will you be able to battle? I can't push it much later then that :< am going out tonight with some friends and not sure at what time, but its almost 8 here now
    5. Derpinator
    6. Hakumen
      sorry, was in vacacion and unlike what I thought, I didn't have internet. As I often see you connected on irc, it should be easily done tough.
    7. Froggy
      What time do you want to battle at today?
    8. Froggy
      Hey, if your planning on being on much tonight then ya want to try getting battles done today? I am generally cool with trying to get shit done soon as possible lol xD if you don't have teams ready or something i am cool w waiting tho
    9. Froggy
      Hey man we gotta play for UU open, I am ready whenever GMT -5 and on alot
    10. august
      chillin w/ my boy @aerialacetm40
    11. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      TACO NITE MUTHRFUKR!1111111111111111111 hashtag MEXICAN'T
    12. Friar
      Hey looking forward to some good games. I head back to college tomorrow so my schedule gets a little more busy than before, so planning for the weekend would probably work out best. Saturday or Sunday late afternoon (gmt -6) is probably the time I could make the easiest. I'll still get on IRC when I can so we can make plans there also.
    13. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      grab a taser and ZAPDOS NIGGAS
    14. Danilo
      give me some ru teams. STAT
    15. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      HAY sun u redy 4 SPL,,,,,,,kirspy creem twenny tweeelv
    16. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      wut is ^ n00b,,,,
    17. Furai
      ur a nig who deleted the pastebin before my matches ):<
    18. Grimsly
      Ok so uh im on atm, if you dont see this, wanna schedule for anytime bewteen 8-11pm GMT+10 for Sat/Sun/Mon?
    19. Grimsly
      Im GMT+10, so anytime that suits you I'll be able to make, especially since I have the next few days off, Im under '+Ryuzaki San' on PS! incase you ever see me around :)
    20. aerialace TM40
      aerialace TM40
      woe dud thaks 4 th shotot Niguh,,,menes lot 2 meh
    21. Nails
      can you give me teams for r2
    22. Nails
      ya i was stalling for a while hoping you would get on but i had to play before he left so w/e it worked out
    23. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold

      btw i have a tumblr too 0:
    24. Jayde
      did you REALLY group me with shake and lizard dude

      friendship over
    25. vashta
      been on that student-athlete flow man, but come back to see what's going off! what's good with you? still killing pkmn i see haha
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    Said "i'd love to contradict you but my life's a joke"


    Mar 6, 1994 (Age: 21)
    when i'm feeling like a leopard
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    Likes to fight
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    0215 7386 3223
    i am female from europe who likes play pkmn xD
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