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Dec 6, 2016 at 12:48 PM
Mar 19, 2012
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London, England


from London, England

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Viewing thread Doubles OU Official Room Tournament Championship, Dec 6, 2016 at 12:48 PM
    1. shartruce
      sorry i was at church at that time, ill be on 10am-12pm and 3-11pm gmt -8 tomorrow so hopefully that works for you
    2. shartruce
      ok i'm ready, i;ll be on orivexes server
    3. shartruce
      hi sorry i still haven't made my team yet and i had people over today, so maybe in 1 hour if that's ok
    4. shartruce
      hi we're opps for the random poke tour,i'm gmt -8 and i can battle tomorrow/partially sunday and monday. i have finals next week so it might be a lil tough to schedule
    5. Vileman
      So are you battling me today or not e.e
    6. Pocket
      AuraRayquaza, are you going to finish revising your Doubles Kingdra analyses? All you need to fix is Checks & Counters section, and you're good to go!
    7. Malfunction
      Hello! We're paired for the RU open tourney. When would you like to play? I usually hang around IRC, GMT+3, most of the day.
    8. Vileman
      So when should we battle? where are you ;-;
    9. Vileman
      Ugh didnt saw your message at time e_e Can you battle tomorrow :o?
    10. Vileman
      I can battle from tomorrow until the weekend if you want to battle earlier c:
    11. Vileman
      Hi! We got paired up in the RU open, i still need some time time to teambuild, so We could battle on the next weekend if it is before the deadline. My timezone its GMT -4.
    12. DC.
      just to let you know that i am taking the win this time and ill be leaving soon. idk when ill be back maybe in 5-6h or something but i might not get on again untill around midday tommorrow my time. ill try to be on in -6h though so if you could be on so we can finish this it would be great
    13. DC.
      is there anyway you get on irc or something?
    14. DC.
      im on showdown as DCed. can you pm me there?
    15. Laga
      looks like you will have best chances of meeting me if you get online early and hop on #doubles IRC; then I will usually be online :]
    16. DC.
      lol what a mess. ugh ill try to be on as much as i can today so if you get on let me know
    17. DC.
      im sorry my tablet ran out of battery and i had no way to charge it. anyway im on now and ill be here p much all the time. my timezone is gmt +1.
    18. Laga
      greetings AuraRayquaza. I am your opponent for the Doubles Ubers Minitour, my timezone is GMT +2, and I am on only from 5:00 PM the upcoming few days. If you could VM me your timezone, I can tell you my online hours. Preferably, you could check by #doubles as often as you can; as I am always there when I am online.
    19. DC.
      the thing is im on a road trip ubtill the 5th so i pmed kokoloko for an extension till the 6th or 7th. would you be able tpo play then? if not ill try to play on my tablet :/
    20. DC.
      hey we gotta play for UU open. if you dont mind i owuld really like to play today as it would be extremely hard to play any other day. if not please let me know
    21. H-C
      PM me your ideas, sorry about earlier again... I had to take my train for going into Paris where my school is :v
    22. Phoenix512
      I can play tomorrow and Thursday after 5 pm GMT -5 and on the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. This is for the Monotype Tournament.
    23. Phoenix512
      We're playing against in the Monotype Tournament. I'm GMT -5 and I can play this week anytime today or after 5 pm GMT -5 on Thursday. I can't do Friday but can do either Saturday or Sunday.
    24. Alexander.
      hey we have to play for the random pokèmon tournament. i'm gmt +1, tell me when you want to play
    25. Nova
      Hey we're opps for the LC Cup. Im GMT -5 and free everyday from 4 PM to 2 AM generally. When would you like to play?
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