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Sep 20, 2017 at 7:06 AM
Mar 19, 2012
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London, England


from London, England

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Viewing forum Doubles OU Analyses, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:06 AM
    1. TrollFreak
      Yea, I'm on PS now
    2. ginganinja
      hi, my appologies for not getting back to you earlier, was doing some team testing :)

      I am GMT + 13, and am online for most of the day. Ill let you know when I have finished my team (have you finished?) so we can battle. As far as a date goes, I have a fair amount of spare time, so it shouldn't be a problem. This weekend does not work tho as I have a birthday to attend, as well as get it ready, clean it up etc etc. Im free before and after this weekend tho.
    3. TrollFreak
      Ok thats fine, I could do PS, 8 PM UK Time will work
    4. TrollFreak
      Hey man, do you wanna do it tommorow between 8-12 your time(since you live in the UK, it'll be 3-7 my time). I might have to do it on PO, if thats ok with you
    5. Pocket
      AuraRayquza, just letting you know that you decayed 1 double00n; all you need to do is play a game for this challenge every other day to prevent this!
    6. Seco453
      ok, i`ll be on Pokemonexperte
    7. Seco453
      can we say 7.45?
    8. Seco453
      hey, when to play for random pokes tourney. my gmt is +1. I`m available from 6 to 9 pm every day. you can find me on #pokemon on irc this time
    9. Demist
      Hey AquaRay, could you get me and zfs an extension, we'll do this now... Pretty please. We agreed on playing today 9-10PM GMT+2
    10. Demist
    11. Demist
      Um, what balist we use for GSC UU battles?
    12. Terraquaza
    13. Terraquaza
      Ok, Thursday 5pm-12pm, i'll be on!
    14. Smith
      If you log in in the next 10-15 minutes, im just going to shower/shave now and then battle you right before I leave
    15. Smith
      I have to leave my house around 10:15 GMT and I want to shower / shave before then, so just get on as early as possible and we should be ok.
    16. Smith
      Oh sorry totally read that as central time instead of GMT, my bad. I should be alright to battle them, I'll just bring my computer to school
    17. Smith
      Totally understandable, don't worry
    18. Smith
      I'm at school right now so I can't battle, sorry. I'll totally be online thursday though.
    19. Smith
      I have a play performance tonight but thursday works swimmingly.
    20. Smith
      I'd prefer showdown, if that's all right. I'll be home in the late evenings, and most of the day on the weekend (except Sunday). If you see me on irc on #nuggetbridge then you can PM me, otherwise whatever day works for you.
    21. Dubulous
      that's fine i'm on as dubs
    22. prem
      lol idk bloo said he never got it so ya... thanks bro!
    23. Dubulous
      sorry man things just haven't worked out for me this week...

      i'll be on at that time tonight to play!!
    24. prem
      hey can you send a tutor eval for me lol. apparently it never got sent and i just want to know if im doing well as a tutor :( a badge is obviously nice but lol i dont care that much
    25. Dubois
      And why are you on my profile....fuck off kindly.
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