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Avatar Korra
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Jul 19, 2014
Jul 1, 2012
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Avatar Korra

from Maryland

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Jul 19, 2014
    1. Electrolyte
      hi! lol
      how's your rating going? Don't give up- you're really good at it! :D
    2. Every1XplodeNOW
      Goes to show how great my memory is. lol
    3. Sayonara
      Pretty decent if you ask me ;)
    4. Sayonara
      Thunderbolt is an awful move on Latias - I'd go with Refresh in that spot. After a couple of Calm Minds, Politoed and Jellicent both go down to Dragon Pulse. The reason why you want Refresh is to prevent them from using Toxic and stalling you. Thunderbolt doesn't help much here tbh.
    5. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      That scene in your avatar reminds me of the weeping angles from dr. who.
    6. Sayonara
      Hmm, I'd try to be more concise and to try and limit big changes like changing pokemon as much as possible. As a rater, you're trying to make the current team work better, more efficiently, not change the team completely so it looks "better" from your point of view. Moveset changes, item changes, or EV spread changes are small changes that, surprisingly, help a team a lot.
    7. Jimbon
      no problem, glad I could help
    8. Sayonara
      You're welcome! Glad to help a fellow rater :)
    9. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Batman kicks ass.
    10. Electrolyte
      nah, posts =/= knowledge
    11. Electrolyte
      no, just rating in general, lol
      I've still got a ton of room to improve :/
    12. Electrolyte
      oh, no wonder.
      either way, you're still doing a lot better than me xD
    13. Electrolyte
      Hey :D
      I rated your rate :3
      it was pretty good, though I think Landy-T would have been better. :) Nice work!
    14. Jirachee
      lol I think it's pretty hilarious when two people come up with pretty much the same suggestions
      I guess that's a sign that it's a good one huh?
    15. (makeup)
      wow your avatar really looks like avatar korra!
    16. WaterBomb
      I love messing with Matthew's head!
    17. WaterBomb
    18. Solace
      I'm thinking either attack or midfield
    19. Solace
      that's so cool! i'm planning on trying out for my school's team next spring so hopefully that'll go well

      good luck with your stuff!
    20. Solace
      you play lacrosse? i'm learning how this summer :)
    21. Electrolyte
      Ok, don't worry. Just make sure the stills are similar- because I will directly animate them. I'm sure you know what to do. Send it to me when you're ready ^^
    22. Rakan
      Alternatively you could become really good friends with an admin and have them set a bigger avatar for you xD
    23. Electrolyte
      that actually seems like a good idea. I'm a gif maker myself; if you could get around 10 pictures the right size I could animate it for you.
    24. Rakan
      hehe... it's not all that hard if you have a decent knowledge of any of the metagames and decent writing skills :)

      Alternatively, you could, write for The Smog, rate teams, ummm... idk lol

      tons of stuff really
    25. Electrolyte
      oh god no
      it took me hours to find a Bolin GIF small enough. Can't wait to get a badge or something, but it doesn't really matter because this one's fine. But really, don't waste your time xD
      Perhaps though, since Korra is way more popular than Bo, you could find one. I don't know. I'll keep my eyes out for ya! :D
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