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Feb 19, 2014
Jun 14, 2010
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New Zealand


from New Zealand

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Feb 19, 2014
      oh wait my mistake.
    2. cannibal
      Glad to hear it. Haha, I feel like a stalker for posting about it... I'm just not used to people talking about my pokemon behind my back. xD
    3. cannibal
      lol, I was gonna say that I could have sent you the Pokecheck of Machamp earlier, since it's my own pokemon... The only reason I didn't jump to it was because I only have the 4th gen. pokecheck, and I don't know how to link to the legal.exe report.

      ...But it looks like it got worked out anyway. xD
    4. Ebondragonx
    5. Ebondragonx
      "Personal blacklists are not allowed in trade threads. It's fine if you do not wish to trade with another user for any reason, but blacklists only air these dislikes in public and lead to excessive flaming, which is against Smogon-wide rules. Users who have shady trading practices can be reported to the forum-wide blacklist thread."
      And no problem.
    6. Ebondragonx
      Yep, enjoy.
      Also, just some friendly advice, people have blacklists on their trade threads just as a warning to blacklisted folks. If a mod looks at your thread and sees an actual person (Impact in this case) under there you may earn yourself an infraction and/or have your thread locked. It's in the rules for the wi-fi forum.
    7. Ebondragonx
      I don't mind keeping you off my ignore list :)
      But honestly I can't promise much more than that.
    8. Ebondragonx
      Is that sufficient?
      I'm able to trade now if you are.
    9. Biosci
    10. Joel
      I can get you whatever you might want from my former thread, it's just that if I have more than one version of the same named Poke, we might need to trade more than once if I don't give you the correct version the first time.

      It will be a hassle, but not impossible.
    11. Biosci
      Here's the stuff for Cresselia:
    12. Joel
      Yes, but it will be really hard for me to give you anything for it.

      My DS is half broken (a dog chewed on it). The bottom screen is all glitchy, and it's really hard to see the Pokes in my PC boxes.
    13. Ebondragonx
      Hey, I'm going to temporarily remove you from my ignore list so that you can VM me and we can resolve our pending. The reason I can't link you to a pokecheck is that for some reason my DS doesn't work with it. I'll have to do some research on why that is and how to fix it, but for now the DNS does not compute. I had Biosci check them for me, to be doubly certain they were legitimate, but he says that he does not know how to show other people the checks. So, if you would still like your pokemon, i'll be able to trade from now until Sunday, and you can pokecheck them yourself if you feel that it's necessary.
    14. Chill
      Are you at home?
    15. Cereza
    16. Wild Eep
      Wild Eep
      I can't take action at this time. I advise you take a chill pill for the moment.
    17. Cereza
      really? woa xD! anyways, its usually 2 pokemon for a credit.
    18. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I used to use Pokemon Online for that and IV checks.
      I rarely need PO for HP's much any more.
      Well any ways, I'm off to update my thread some more, sorry for any inconvenience I've cause you.
    19. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
    20. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I was reading through the posts in Ebondragon's thread, and I read what you posted wrong.

      I thought you were talking about the SpAtk stat, rather than the Attack. I was just pointing out that whatever the attacking stat was would determine the outcome of the HP. I had it better in my head, plus not being able to read at Midnight doesn't help either. XD!
    21. Ebondragonx
      Meet me in the room so we can get this over with.
      They're fully legit, and you can hack check them yourself when you receive them.
    22. Chill
      Sorry but we can't seem to connect and I already stayed up an extra hour later than I wanted to.
    23. Chill
      I'm going to bed.
    24. Chill
      I don't even know how to pokecheck a pokemon. You're welcome to do so if you want to trade for it. I've been on this site since 2007 and I don't even use emulators, I really don't have the capacity to scam someone. If I was interested in scamming you I would have just cloned the Virizion without telling you. I have to rely on people for cloning because I don't have anything except for the retail carts.
    25. Chill
      Also, the Arceus is Omega Donut's. Well known RNG contributor and VGC player.
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