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Jun 16, 2012
Jun 11, 2011
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Jun 16, 2012
    1. Nelson
      hey, come on groudon grotto now plz. we have to do the no john tournament thx
    2. zdrup15
      Hey, we're paired for the RU tour. When do you wanna battle? I'm GMT +1
    3. dragonuser
      nvm it crashed can u goto groudons grotto?
    4. dragonuser
      hey man dont see u on irc/server so just wanted to say im on french time ready for r1 whenever u r
    5. Maaf
      on su right now.
    6. Maaf
      sorry but i'm just dying from flu right now. Any chance we can play tomorrow evening ?
    7. Maaf
      Hey, when can you play for weather monopoly ?
      GMT+1, and on between 1 PM and 2 AM.
    8. theebay707
      i think i'll drop out of the tourney
      we seem to not be able to catch each other and i got real life shit going on.
    9. theebay707
      i can battle from 4pm-9pm my time
      idk what time that is for you
    10. theebay707
      i'm available anytime after 4pm GMT -8
    11. Brotom
      There is a chance I may still be out driving.
      I will be back within the half hour (4-4:30 for me) unless something goes awry. At worst, I'll be back by 11, 5 my time.
    12. Brotom
      have fun XD
    13. Brotom
      alright, if I can't wake up in time for our early match (if I'm not on at 10:20, that's the latest you should wait for me) I'll go on the server at 4 pm my time. :) Sounds wonderful.
    14. Brotom
      provided, that is...that my teenaged self doesn't decide to hate me and sleep in XD
      shall we set a secondary time just in case I don't get up til 11/5 pm your time?
    15. Brotom
      sure! my MVC3 tourney isn't until the evening so I can make it ^_^
    16. Brotom
      Alright, hahaha that sounds marvelous. :) Want to set an official time on Saturday just so we have something if we don't catch each other? Give me a time that works for you ^-^
    17. Brotom
      Ohhhh, I'm sorry. I had some real life issues I had to take care of. Um, starting tomorrow I'm really busy during the day (I get home at like 4:30 pm my time, which is 10:30 pm your time.) If you could play that I would be really happy. If not, maybe we can shoot for this weekend because I'll be able to make whenever on the weekends.

      Sorry for missing you today, though. Unexpected stuff happened.
    18. Brotom
      Well I idled til like 4, then my computer died and I had to take care of things. Uh, shall we try for the same time tomorrow?
    19. Brotom
      alright. On which server do you want to play at 1/7?
      I'll be idling in the Pokemon Online server for a bit. Come find me if you get the chance.
    20. Brotom
      I could also do 1 pm/7 pm your time, in fact that might even be more likely. Hm.
    21. Brotom
      I don't trust myself to wake up at 11 after new year's anyway XD so yeah, 12 sounds good :)
    22. Brotom
      well again, I wasn't online -.-
      Uh, I think I missed you. So yeah. Let's try for Jan. 1st then if possible because it's probably late your time. How about 5 pm your time Jan 1st? that's 11 am my time.
    23. Brotom
      but...I never said I could play at that time o.O
      How about we play tomorrow?
    24. Brotom
      got my account fixed finally. now that that's over with, let's schedule a match for Weather Monopoly?
    25. Brotom
      let's play for weather monopoly. I'm gmt-5, let's get it done soon. I'm on holiday so most times work. just give me a time that works for me.
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