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Bald Accountant
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Jul 17, 2017
Nov 30, 2011
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Jan 2, 1967 (Age: 50)
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Bald Accountant

Male, 50

bababald@gmail.com Sep 17, 2015

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Jul 17, 2017
    1. TheChortler
      What do you think of the spirite for RMB anyway? It looks kind of "meh" to me, but that's just me of course.
    2. TheChortler
      Yeah, that Baton Passer was actually a pretty good choice, never thought of using Volbeat. I think I'm going to use Drifblim and either Gorebyss or Huntail as my Baton Passers. I'm so sick of Minimize that I think it's time I gave some back to the general population :P
    3. Nickscor
      Sure thing man, but I'd have to set up a team first and think of an appropriate time. Fridays + Weekends I'm completely free and maybe Wednesday/Thursday nights (Western time, GMT-8)
    4. TheChortler
      It doesn't matter to me, go for it by all means, I'd love to see your war story.
    5. zombachu
      Thanks for joining the number one group in posts and activity!
    6. Bald Accountant
    7. Blood Bug
      Blood Bug
      Yeah. But Scyhther is more for the Little Cup. BP?
    8. Blood Bug
    9. mingot
      What do you do, Bob?
    10. TheChortler
      Lol, I DC a bit as well. I can understand why you don't like aron much, I just wanted to try that on you to see how you'd cope. Don't worry, my singles team is NOT that cheasy (although I do use Blaziken, which is apparently Uber according to Smogon and PO, but w/e :P).
    11. TheChortler
      Sorry for not acknowledging your statements, I couldn't see them because you posted them on your own page lol. Gg stands for "good game" and I added an s to make it plural. And in regards to Amoongus, I am a bit hesitant to use it because I'm awaiting the release of its Dream World abillity that will make it an absolute beast once it's released. If you want to do singles, I'll gladly accept anytime I have the chance (I'm relatively open after about 5:30 tomorrow).
    12. mingot
      What are you talking about?
    13. TheChortler
      Alright, I suppose I do need to clarify a bit more lol. You can use whatever pokemon you want as long as they are legit (e.g., no Snorlax with Guillotine, but you can use AR, pokesav, whatever to make, say, pretty much anything with its released DW abillity [you can use the ones that the japs have currently as well]). As for battle type, it doesn't matter at all.
    14. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Oh hey. I'm flattered that you like the team so much, and you have my blessings. Feel free to use the team (its not like you need permission haha)

      As for commentary i'm a little busy (and lazy) so i'll have to take a rain check on that. Sorry about that.
      i think it has to do with the nickname you give them, thats what happened to me once and i fixed it by changing it.
    16. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
    17. BattleStar
      This is indeed strange? Can I have your for future Terrence likewise ?
    18. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      What is your BW FC for future ref?
    19. BattleStar
      I can only be suited for a single battle today
    20. mingot
      What happen?
    21. BattleStar
      Ummm sure I will be in the cafe
    22. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Actually I think I figured it out. Someone posted a request for nude photos on my older pokemon players site, then sent a second message saying they meant it to be private.
    23. BattleStar
      Yeah. Why?
    24. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Its speed is a little high at 90. Also I like to use togekiss because it is a flying type and I can use earthquake with it. It has priority moves, which would be good.
      You can also use rage powder, Amoongus is gret, good bulk and spore which becomes very fast in TR.

      Trick room triples is very fogiving, that is why I like it so much.
    25. TheChortler
      Hmm, you have inspired me to begin a triples team! What are your thoughts on using Lucario as a Follow Meer?
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    The Bald Man has lost his hair ... or whatever :)
    BABA Bald Account's Battle Arena
    Three DEE Ess code
    3239 2558-8338
    2DS (with ditto) 1822 0326 6280


    Jan 2, 1967 (Age: 50)
    Home page:
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    My Characteristic:
    Very finicky
    BW Friend Code:
    0776 8124 7545
    BABA Bald Accountant's Battle Arena
    bababald@gmail.com - say high some time
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