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May 2, 2013
Trophy Points:
    1. moonbase
      1. ballislife
        Maybe in future, I can't type cuz I'm out of town so no PC
        Dec 27, 2013
    2. Malleon
      1. ballislife
        ye, maybe tomorrow though
        Dec 21, 2013
    3. Jukain
      yo vertex, are you still working on the ou threatlist update -- if so i'd like to help, but if not i'd like to take it over. just let me know~
      1. ballislife
        Take it over bro, I have school now,so hard to be I done
        Aug 10, 2013
    4. ryan
      1. Magcargo likes this.
    5. Magcargo
    6. Gary2346
      Well there's not really much of a point seeing as you and Pikachuun are the only ones that play Ubers. We barely have anyone that plays RU in our currently, so there's really little reason to make a bunch Ubers threads as of now. Maybe later though. I'm changing the site name to just straight Creator's Organization, because I don't want the Mods to think we're conflicting with Smogon.
    7. Gary2346
      Because you posted it without my permission.
    8. DR4G0Nx
      where -_____-
    9. DR4G0Nx
      lolwut o-o
    10. Halcyon.
      I'd prefer if you battled Gary. I've been feeling off today, and I'm sure he'd do better than I would.
    11. Theorymon
      I'm pretty happy that you stepped up and made an Ubers version of that thread! (especially since I'm still deciding on the format for the Ubers teammate thread revival). Just one thing though, I think the rules in the thread should be tweaked a bit.
      1. Theorymon
        Mainly, I think weather abilities should be allowed, since Ubers is a LOT more hardy about that kind of stuff than other metagames, and I'm not sure if that flavor justification thing is really needed for good discussion.
        Jul 14, 2013
      2. ballislife
        Ye, man. The problem is, I don't really like weather abilities on just any Uber. Soon will be giving stuff like Drought Reshiram, where it'd be essentially a better Kyogre, due to it having a more reliable STAB in Blue Flare, but I'll tweak th rules a bit like you said.
        Jul 14, 2013
    12. Reymedy
      Ye whatever you want, it's not like I got copyrights on that.
      Keep rating by the way, you might get someone to help you from the RMT staff if you keep up.
    13. Reymedy
      Dunno if you're pulling my legs.
      But one last thing "Haxorus, Hydreigon,[..]Speedy Roserade, Moloetta,Volcarona, Zapdos, Ninetales, Jirachi, Celebi, Victini. "
      Nothing in this list justifies Mence over Nite (less bulk, physical power,no Multiscale in the most offensive metagame ever). Jirachi, Lando-T, Celebi are never running max speed (only Scarf Jirachi, who ties with Mence anyway so..).
    14. v
      good username
    15. Magcargo
    16. Magcargo
    17. Magcargo
    18. alexwolf
      I guess we all have an addiction ;D
    19. Magcargo
      Hey vertex, how do we delete post on this new formatting?
    20. False Sense
      False Sense
      However, if its counters HAVE been removed, then Serperior can easily abuse Leaf Storm and boost up its offensive power to tremendous levels and easily rip apart teams. It needs a bit of support to handle its counters, but it has incredible sweeping potential once they're gone. I doubt it would be broken, but I think it could be solid OU. Still, this is all theory on my part.
    21. False Sense
      False Sense
      I see... For the most part, I agree with you. Serperior has some serious flaws in the form of poor coverage, low initial attack power, and the fact that it's boosting move and main attack move, Leaf Storm, only has 8 PP. For those reasons, it will likely need to have its counters removed more so than other sweepers before it can attempt to sweep.
    22. Shurtugal
      you can leave comments to my suggestions here xd
    23. Magcargo
      I see. Infernape is more of a wall breaker to allow something else like landorus to sweep.
      I still think that set would be more effective on a sun team with a different pursuit trapper like weavile/scizor.
    24. Magcargo
      I'm not sure. Do you have entry hazard support from custap skarmory/Forretress?
    25. Magcargo
      Yeah, infernape is pretty good on sun teams.
      You are using mixed ape on a sun team correct?
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