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Feb 26, 2017
Aug 7, 2008
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from Yoomtah!

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Feb 26, 2017
    1. Floppy
      im pretty flexible. when im done building my team ill let you know.
    2. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Your videos have helped me understand how to RNG a lot more! If I get a badge, I will nominate you for contributor or something.
    3. Hazey
      My best CS buddy was da_bears (professional counter-strike scene). Therefore, if you're a bearsfan, you must be my friend.
    4. TheMantyke
      Holy crap, I learned how to RNG in BW thanks to your videos back in April, but I just learned how to RNG stationary legendaries in Platinum in under an hour thanks to your 4th gen abuse videos! Thanks a ton!
    5. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      awesome, thanks bearsfan092.
    6. Zoap
      ID: 43593
      SID: 02459

      Thats what it appears to be in the beginning of your video.
    7. MrStriker210
      hm...i think i knew why lol...., i think it was because i talked to him the other way and made him changed directions >.> ahh .......thanks for the info man, cleared up alot XD
    8. MrStriker210
      oh thanks...sorry for grammar :l lol working on it :o

      hm.1 more question please :) after you save your game when the egg has been generated , will any other random events such as calls interrupt it just before you collect the egg to verify that it is shiny?..As when i did it the 2nd time to see if the process will continue i collected the second egg again which is supposedly shiny rejected the the first egg because of frame 2 o.o . When the egg hatched, it was no longer shiny or nature i wanted :(
    9. MrStriker210
      hey thanks for the vids xd, its very good...but i have a question, when you are going to rng for iv abuse, you shut off your ds? after u verify the poke u rng is shiny? because when i did it lol iv rng failed :( and i didnt get shiny anymore :l
    10. Cereza
      Well see..the problem I have is that,while comparing your version with mine I could not find the tab where I'm supposed to put my MAC address, while in the time finder section. That totally throws me off.
    11. Cereza
    12. coolbiz
      Hey just here to say thanks for the great videos on how to RNG your awesome for that.
    13. UpsideDownHitmontop
      Hey, still need the search range for desmume? I can give you them along with the RAM watch file if you still need it.

      EDIT: I suppose I could just give you the actual parameters too since desmume only has 2 set of parameters.
    14. Phadunk
      ah, thanks anyways.
    15. Phadunk
      hey, i need a tornadus to get a Landorus to rng, and i was wondering if you needed a thundurus.. for the same thing. maybe we could clone and exchange our finds to activate it.
    16. King N
      King N
      I know and am not forcing you to tell.
      BTW I figured out RNG.
    17. King N
      King N
      From whom?
    18. King N
      King N
      Also did you get poly from anyone?
    19. King N
      King N
      Hey Bearsfan092 by this week I would have 5th Gen RNG figured out completely on a emulator. Would it be good idea to make Videos on it using screen capture?
    20. King N
      King N
      Ok bear just tell me when can you trade.
    21. TammiGo
      Np. Have fun with it ^^
    22. TammiGo
      No sir, you should ask me :P Sent it ^^
    23. TammiGo
      Because it's mine (mwuahahahaha) and you don't have rights yet as it's not publically available :P
      I'd have to send you the file by email (which you can PM me). Anything else you might want? I got a jap DW female eevee ^^
    24. TammiGo
      Ah I see, okay, you may do my homework. All you need to do is create a program which is able to read 2850 value's per defined kind, normalize the results, draw them in a diagram and then automatically group kinds together on similarities. To cut you some slack I'll make the report myself.

      Does charity now still grind your gears? :P
    25. Kepperino
      I see you accepted an other offer.
      That's unfortunate...
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    Black FC: 3954 7943 2104
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    RNG Abuse Tutorial Videos and Wifi Battle Videos-Now with revamped videos for current software
    Say what? Bears has a trade thread again?


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