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Feb 26, 2017
Aug 7, 2008
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from Yoomtah!

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Feb 26, 2017
    1. TammiGo
    2. Kepperino
      It is Timid, and EV'd.
      31 22 30 31 31 31
      252 SpA 252 Spe 4 HP
    3. TammiGo
      I've got a Timid HP Ice 70 Thundurus with the following IV Spread:


      OT: Kurt

      You can have it for free since your video's taught me how to RNG ^^ I can only trade it in the weekends though or I could give you the .pkm file.
    4. Kepperino
      I have got an HP Ice Thundurus.
    5. King N
      King N
      You didn't waste my time.
      Actually I knew this was going to be the result.
      I was wasting your time.
      I think your videos will help me figure out those two things.
    6. King N
      King N
      And I was also going to give you for free.
      Ok then I would just try using your videos and ask questions if required.
      Thats good enough I suppose?
    7. King N
      King N
      I am GMT +5:30.
      I am free from 10 AM to 8 PM on all days.
      Choose a date and time.
      Also if I learn it before you teach me by any chance, you would get it for free.
    8. King N
      King N
      Third option if you want.
      TID/SID abuse in 5th gen.
      Else the 4th gen one.
      So when are you free?
      And which timezone?
    9. King N
      King N
      I knew that you would do 4th gen. XD
      Which one do you prefer?
      DS or emu?
      Can the IVs be flawless?
    10. King N
      King N
      With RNG 4th gen for shiny eggs with good IVs.
      Or with RNG 5th gen with the spreads Bond found for the emulator.
      You choose.
    11. King N
      King N
      I suppose we are talking about RNG.
    12. King N
      King N
      I have kaphotic's genies
      Also I dont like genies too much..
      All I need is HELP!
    13. King N
      King N
      DO you need poliwhirl?
    14. King N
      King N
      Here are the ranges you wanted
      These are for Desmume on a english white game with ev/iv code on.
      VCount 20-30
      GxStat 6-6
      VFrame 0-19
      Timer0 500-700

      The things I got were
      VCount 2F
      VFrame 5
      GxStat 6
      Timer0 61D

      I tried on 2 PCs
      The values were same for me.
      Maybe because the files were directly copied.
      But the range should be enough.
    15. Loukas
      haha ok but we ought to you did great jobs with those videos!!!! but i heard you can do it without abusing but you have to bear with the high frames
    16. Loukas
      hey bearsfan awesome vids..i was wondering if you are planning to do a vid with shiny abuse as well!
    17. maxbarnyard
      Okay, thanks, that's what I thought. Do you have any tips for breeding? Also, are there starting frame differences for sweet scented pokes? Finally (sorry for the bombardment of questions) is there somewhere online where one can find a list of 0/1 abilities? I know there's one in RNG Reporter, but I'm using a Mac and PPRNG. Thanks!
    18. maxbarnyard
      Hey, just a quick question about 5th gen RNG abuse (your videos are awesome, by the way). I was wondering if you have any tips about abusing shaking spots/dust clouds/whirlpools, since I'm trying to get a Drilbur with abused IVs. Do you know if the step into the dust cloud counts toward RNG advancement? Also, is there a way to reliably get dust clouds that aren't items? Any info would be super appreciated, thanks.
    19. xElite
      D': so mean
    20. Xav
      I wanted to thank you for your videos on standard abuse. I just finished my first Gen 5 RNG (Reshiram) and I am very grateful for the guidance.
    21. xElite
      u nub get ur own monz then i wil
    22. Valkart
      Your videos are awesome! Sometimes I barely understand since english is not my native language, but I can get the catch quick to them. I'll be waiting the Non-C-Gear one :D
    23. Boss TJW
      Boss TJW
      Thank you.
    24. Boss TJW
      Boss TJW
      hey do you know where i can find a link for irc ?
    25. Wild Eep
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