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Feb 26, 2017
Aug 7, 2008
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from Yoomtah!

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Feb 26, 2017
    1. GoingVinsane
      Zomgtimer has been very useful. When I first used Pikatimer I didn't suffer any complications either but these days it randomly chooses to go haywire like it is infected with the T-Virus or something. I'm sure a plethora of frustrated beginners would benefit from a link in your tutorials. I know I would've. And thank you once again, the encounter slot nuance was very helpful. I was wondering about 5th gen RNGing. What do you think the difficulty level is in comparison to HGSS RNGing? I am going to be attending VGC2011 and I fear I'm going to have to work at light speed to get my team finished in time.
    2. GoingVinsane
      Have you experienced any trouble with pikatimer moving too fast? I started a thread about this complication but nobody knows what I'm talking about.

      I guess for now I'll try zomgtimer. But I thought the pikatimer conundrum was interesting at the very least.
    3. GoingVinsane
      You are very helpful. Your videos are the reason I can RNG with success. Thank you very much.
    4. GoingVinsane
      I had a question for you. I'm sorry for choosing you as I know you probably get millions of these but if you'd be so kind I just had a simple misconception I need cleared up about RNGing wild pokemon. You said in your HGSS legends abuse video that you use method k for the stationary legends as well as wild pokemon using sweet scent. My question is: How do you control which pokemon you encounter after you've hit your delay? I've searched many forums but I can't trust the shoddy half baked info.
    5. Toast++
      Yeah.. other people could too. I'm not sure if that line of code was right when I built it or what.. in fact, I may have only made the mistake in a beta version. I'm not sure, so I'm telling people to just get it again. Smaller size and new stuff is worth it anyway. Just make sure you write down your calibration before switching because it's stored in a different place.
    6. Toast++
      Just wanted to let you know that I found a serious flaw in the CGear timer. I don't know how it got there, but it's fixed now.
    7. maxbarnyard
      thanks, man, I'll keep on Googling
    8. bearsfan092
      First of all, I don't know about any AR wondercard reactivation. If I did, I wouldn't be able to tell you as per Smogon policy. You're gonna have to google on your own.
    9. maxbarnyard
      Hey, bearsfan092, happy new year! I was just wondering if you know how most folks go about re-activating wondercard events, i.e. to get more than one Jirachi from the NZ wondercard, or what the alternative is. I don't know if it would be an AR code to reactivate all currently held wondercards or if there is a specific code for each, but I'm curious. Thanks!
    10. dela_Cruz
    11. dela_Cruz
      Um, sorry to come out of no where, but, can you teach me how to RNG in pearl and/or HGSS? If you can, can you teach me WITHOUT videos please? I only know how to hatch shiny pokemon in pearl, but anything farther than that, I'm lost.
    12. bearsfan092
      Ah, RNGreporter 9.0 shenanigans. I'll have to ignore doing Terakion/Birijion, probably until I get ahold of an actual cartridge.
    13. mattj
      I asked OmegaDonut to search for one for me. He knows how to do it. He has you do this simple test where you do certain specific steps while starting a new game (not saving obviously) and then noting what ID you get each time. He then (somehow) uses those numbers to search for seeds for you. For example, that seed I've been using lately is when I start on 02-01-11 at 22:04:57 (boot one second before) and then advance my IVs 26 times (starts on f1).

      I don't know if he's willing to do it for everybody but I guess you could ask. He's gonna release an RNG Reporter which can do it (I think) sometime.

      Actually, I didn't really ask him, he asked me to test it on a real cart, so i just kind of really luckily stumbled into it you know?
    14. mattj
    15. mattj
      It's frame 27
    16. mattj
    17. mattj
      i asked :3
    18. Diabolico
      Sigh.... Damn. That's okay. I understand.

      I know school is more important than pokemon even though you, me, everyone here on smogon loves pokemon more than school.
    19. Diabolico
      Hey Bearsfan, Have you figured out how to rng abuse on the 5th gen. yet?
    20. FrenzyB3ar
      Yeah I knew it would take awhile, but very glad to hear you plan to do them. You helped alot of us out with them.
    21. FrenzyB3ar
      When you figure out the B/W RNG , will you be doing any video tutorials?
      Your previous videos have helped me with RNG so thanks :)
    22. Toast++
      Riski was successfully using a calibration of-94 on an official cart. R4 was in the -400 range I believe. Hope that's helpful.

      Edit: I see what you were doing. The 4th gen way of "calibrating" was the long way around to get exactly what the calibration box does. I responded in the thread, hopefully it'll make sense. It's much faster (and easier, imo) than the old calibration method.
    23. Toast++
      I hope so. Let me know what you think. I do take improvement suggestions and such. =)
    24. Toast++
      Sorry I wasn't more specific. On my phone right now. You'll probably know what to do anyway. Your videos helped me out btw. Thanks for that.
    25. muffinhead
      hi :D
      by the way, your videos taught me how to RNG in the first place for catches
      THANKS :D
      okay i need sleep lol
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